Cape Town Christians invited to “Call to Unity” gathering

unityChristians in the Cape Town area are invited to a ‘Call to Unity’ at the AGS Church Blouberg on Saturday, October 25, 2014, says Marcel Durler, founder of Nemo SA, which is hosting the gathering.

Speakers will include Dr Desmond Rose, author of Write The Vision; Rev Barry Isaacs, Director of Transformation Africa and a member of the “Doves Peak” campaign to rename Devil’s Peak; and Dr Graham Power, business leader and founder of Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical.

Durler says the meeting will be the fourth “Call to Unity” gathering since Rev Isaacs, Ashley Cloete, Ralph Dehahn and himself  got together according to Acts 1:14 and did the first call to Unity at Rhodes memorial 2011. The subsequent calls were in early March  2012 at Rhodes Memorial and in September 2012 at Signal Hill.  

The objectives of the campaign are to send a message of unity and to encourage the Body of Christ to get together, and to pray and worship and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

All are invited to attend the gathering from 2pm to 4pm on October 25 at the AGS Church on the corner of West Coast Road and Porterfield Road, Blouberg Rise.  Inquiries can be made by emailing or calling 078 041 9829.


  1. Jesus prayed for Oneness!We are members of ONE body.It is impossible for members of a body to function independently. Ledemate verskil van lidmate.To continue as independent body parts is nothing less than “muti”-ministries

  2. well done AE in Pietermaritzburg supports you. I will also try to get fraternals in Pmb to support too.