Billy Graham’s daughter shares secret to dad’s focus on the Gospel

Billy Graham and Anne Graham Lotz (Courtesy/
Billy Graham and Anne Graham Lotz (Courtesy/

Originally published in Charisma News

Billy Graham is four years away from celebrating a century of life, and he’s still one of the strongest figures on the evangelism circuit.

“He’s not yet lost focus on the Gospel and reaching people for Christ,” says his daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, to Premier. “My father is a very humble man, and I think that comes from his walk with God. If you walk with God, you’re not very impressed with yourself. It’s when people drift from God and they start reading the press or start seeing what other people say about them, then become either puffed up or they become or you know, whatever,” she told Premier Christian Radio.”

Lotz continues, praising her father’s humility and roots, noting that the famous Graham, who has led millions to the Lord through his crusades and organizations, does not forget that his father was a dairy farmer.

“That humility, that focus and that faithfulness to God’s call on his life I would want,” she says.

Lotz also praises her mother, who was a deeply passionate woman, for her influence on both Lotz’s and Graham’s lives.

If the faith were strictly for appearance’ sake, Lotz says, she would have been turned off years ago. But the genuine devotion of the Graham family has sparked revival across the world.


  1. This man of God remembered that speech is of the senses. He made it his servant, never his master. I salute you Billy. Peter Throp. (Value Life.)

  2. Praise God,for humble servants.I can remember,back in the 50’s,my Mother was always talking about the” youth for Christ”movement,that was in afterwar Holland,,Lord Jesus,keep all Your servants HUMBLE!!!amen..