50 days of blessing the nation through prayer: Week 3 — Alf James

50 days week 3

Each week of the #50Dayd2BlesstheNation Alf James is interviewing a leader around the week’s theme. This week he spoke to Linda Gobodo founder of the Vuka Africa Foundation about the week’s focus of “The Economy, Natural Resources and Agriculture”.

The foundation of the Kingdom of God’s economy is access, which is more powerful than ownership, whereas the foundation of the world’s economy is private ownership, according to Dr Myles Munroe.

He says personal independence and private ownership are not part of God’s kingdom. God is King and owns everything, for he created everything and controls everything, people are dependent on Him and are stewards of His resources.

Munroe, in Principles of Kingdom Economy II says in true kingdoms, “You own nothing — but have access to everything.”

Focus on the economy – Week 3 theme explained
The third of the weekly focus areas of the “50DaystoBlesstheNation” prayer initiative from April 30 to May 6 centres on the Economy, Natural Resources and Agriculture.

The prayer initiative goes into its third week on Sunday April 30 and continues to Pentecost on June 4 with the aim of encouraging Christians to take responsibility for our Nation; believing that God can and will change the hearts of South Africans.

According to Munroe, the spirit of ownership creates many problems. Some of them are limitation, frustration, stress, contention, scarcity, lack, stealing, poverty, and sickness. That’s why the child of God shouldn’t model his or her thinking in the area of finances (or wealth in general) after the world’s system.

He says the Kingdom of heaven’s economy is not built by money — it is based on access.

“Ecclesiastes 5:12-14 shows us how God sees man when he (man) hoards and stores things for himself like there’s no tomorrow — it’s an exercise in futility. Now God is not against people saving or being responsible.

“All He’s saying is ‘what do you have that you did not receive?’ That was the problem he had with the rich man (see Luke 12:16-21). He was not against the man being rich — it was his (the rich man) pride that put Him (God) off. The word ‘I’ is mentioned six times in those verses. He gloried in himself rather than in the mercy of God. He claimed ownership rather than access, and the rest is history.”

Munroe says a kingdom is opposite to democracy — the center of a kingdom is the king. The key to biblical economics is the Lordship of the king.

Process of economic liberation not complete
Linda Gobodo founder of the Vuka Africa Foundation says though South Africans are liberated, we are not fully liberated, because the process of economic liberation is not complete.

“We need a Kingdom economic system that will address the transformation of the economy. A large percentage of South Africans do not have access to the country’s economy or land, neither do they partake in the natural resources that God has endowed South Africa with.

“The way I look at our economy is that it is a Babylonian system — it is oppressive. We need a Kingdom economic system and we need Josephs and Daniels and Esthers to seek the Lord for a Kingdom economy whereby people are provided access to the economy and encouraged to participate.

“People need to be trained to do business God’s way, the Kingdom way. Our attitudes need to be changed from being owners to being stewards,” says Gobodo.

She explains that when king David prayed and rejoiced for the people had offered willingly for the building of the Temple he said, For all that is heaven and earth is Yours … Both riches and honour come from You and You reign over all … For all things come from You and of Your own have we given You, for we are aliens and pilgrims before You, as were all our fathers; our days on earth are as a shadow, and without hope.

“Everything belongs to God and when we have that understanding then we are delivered from that ownership mind-set, we understand that we are stewards and custodians, and we should be available to serve Him with the gifts that He has given us to advance the kingdom.

“However, the current economic system is one in which few people are owners of the wealth and control the economy, which means they are advancing the interests of who they are serving with the resources.

“There needs to be a change whereby God’s people who understand the values of His kingdom and live by them put the economic resources they are stewards of to use advancing the kingdom.

“God has blessed us with the resources to take care of widows, orphans, and the poor, which is not happening.”

Pray for godly kingdom system of economics
Gobodo believes we should pray for change in the economy to a godly kingdom system of economics.

“We need people of God to pray for an economic solution for the nation.”

Christians are encouraged to pray for managers, business men and women, labour unions, reps, retailers, vendors, shop assistants, cashiers, insurance brokers, estate agents, factory workers, the unemployed, beggars, poor and needy, road and construction workers, flight attendants, pilots, freight businesses, bus and taxi drivers, garage attendants, mine workers, farmers, farm workers, fishermen, and environmental personnel.

We are also encouraged to intercede for perpetrators: corrupt officials and citizens, thieves, poachers, murderers, instigators of unrest, rebellion and violence; and to prayer walk or drive around banks and financial institutions, businesses, retail, infrastructure (roads, airports, harbours, railways), environmental agencies, game reserves, mountains, beaches, parks, mines, dams, rivers, farms, small holdings, abattoirs, grain silos, agricultural hubs and depots.

The daily prayer blessing for week 3 from April 30 to May 6 is: In the name of Jesus Christ we bless South Africa’s economy! May we have a healthy currency, a quick repayment of national debt and no need to borrow from the World Bank; may our economy have a stable environment to attract foreign investors; May corruption be dealt with speedily; May the Government be accountable, wise and responsible in their spending of national revenue and resources and for a healthy balance between government grants and entrepreneurial development; May we all have a healthy work mentality. We bless the natural and mineral resources, with responsible utilisation for sustainable development; for protection of our wildlife and biodiversity, and a healthy respect and interaction between people and environment. We bless the infrastructure and labour forces. We bless South Africa’s agriculture with fair, wise and responsible distribution of land, with healthy relationships between farmers, workers, market developers and financial institutions. We bless our farmers with the farming, marketing and financial skills, to develop innovative ways to cultivate our land and assure long-term food security. Father God, please bless our land, give us rain in its season, help us to manage and remove the historic injustices and other issues that still plague South Africa.

How to participate

  • Download the Prayer Guide to Bless the Nation from http://ifsaprayer.co.za/category/resourcesmedia/ or http://www.jwipn.com/50-days-to-bless-the-nation-16-april-to-4-june-2017/
  • Receive a daily Whatsapp message from +27 817161203 with practical prayer-walk suggestions;
  • Receive a daily video clip with inspirational message from +27 798791848;
  • Prayer-walk with a friend. Pray for the present needs of people and places you see. Read Scripture aloud. Turn biblical phrases into prayers. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and to pray according to the Father’s heart. Address your prayers to God when contending with evil. Ask God to restrain spiritual enemies so people can be redeemed.

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