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Wisdom, art and worship music at PE Womb Stewardship launch

“Boyfriends shouldn’t have husbands’ benefits”, said Dr Pinky Ngcakani-Ncula during a talk at the Womb Stewardship launch in Port Elizabeth on Friday October 12. The ministry founded by “Dr Pinky”, which encourages young and unmarried people to remain celibate and to refrain from sexual immorality, was launched with a red-carpet evening […]

‘Fight Against Poverty Seminar’ in PE

Practical ways to save money and become better stewards of God’s blessings will be shared at a “Fight Against Poverty Seminar” at Fountain Vineyard Church, Port Elizabeth at 7pm on Thursday, April 18. Anybody who is concerned about people who are battling to make ends meet, or who needs to […]

Two more rhino killed. Do we care?

[notice]Tourism professional Craig Duffield reports on the alarming slaughter of rhinos in South Africa by poachers, and asks whether we as Christians should care about this onslaught that threatens the survival of this species.[/notice] According to Kruger National Park spokesman, William Mabasa, people in a safari vehicle found the carcasses […]