‘Fight Against Poverty Seminar’ in PE

Jurgen Kietzmann.
Jurgen Kietzmann.

Practical ways to save money and become better stewards of God’s blessings will be shared at a “Fight Against Poverty Seminar” at Fountain Vineyard Church, Port Elizabeth at 7pm on Thursday, April 18.

Anybody who is concerned about people who are battling to make ends meet, or who needs to consider his or her child’s future education is invited to attend, says the event organiser, Jurgen Kietzmann, a PE project manager who is passionate about education, career guidance and empowerment.

 “This I believe is a practical way to address these issues. During my time heading up the Career Centre at Rhodes University I encountered a number of parents who simply could not afford the university fees required and who after selling their second car and after exhausting many options were forced to take their child out of the university, a very heart breaking thing to witness,” says Kietzmann,

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“Come and listen to testimonies and share ideas on saving money and what to do with that saved money. One example we will be talking about is ‘creating’ R400 a month extra which can be used to pay for tertiary education in years to come. The compound interest figures are amazing with more than enough tuition and accommodation fees available — possibly enough for a second hand car as well.

More information about the event can be obtained by contacting Kietzmann at jurgen@ecconsult.co.za or 083 780 7000.


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