Christian media pioneer Bernard Roebert dies

Bernard Victor Roebert, a pioneer of Christian television in Africa, passed away on February 7 at the age of 83.

“A godly man who blessed everybody’s lives he came across in one way or another”, he oversaw Faith Terrestrial, the oldest Christian TV station on the continent that was founded in 1989 with its roots firmly based on building the Christian community in faith on the truth of the Word of God, says Faith Broadcasting in a press release,

Bernard Roebert was a founding member in 1992 of both the Association of Christian Media, a non-profit network of Christian media organisations that share a vision of reaching people with the Gospel, and the National Association of Broadcasters the voice of SA’s broadcasting industry, with a vision to maintain an environment in which SA radio and television broadcasters can thrive.

His son, Dr Andre Roebert, together with his wife, Jenny, head up the River Group, which includes Faith Broadcasting Network.


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  1. It was indeed a blessing to be in his presence. Vibrant for teh Lord!