A divine moment of elevation for South Africa — Clementia Pae

Photo of a picture illustrating a 2015 vision from Rick Riding of Succat Hallel, Jerusalem, of a wave across Africa, shaking witchcraft and idolatory and bringing increased harvest

A Word for South Africa

South Africa, the feet of Africa, where the whole continent is standing. When you begin to walk, the whole continent will walk. You are also the womb of Africa at the point of birthing. Yes, you become the womb of Africa, because my African bride has to come down to you, in order to give birth to her children.

The woman has to come down to the surface in order to give birth. This divine moment is for the continent. The womb of my African bride has now touched your very surface, because it is time to bring forth. It is in this position, it is in this moment that your push is needed, for the baby to be safe.

However, before all this could happen, you first had to know your identity. You had to know where you are planted. Where your feet are standing and rooted, the solid rock of ages, which is broad enough for all to stand on. This is the balance you needed. So that when this moment comes, you are not staggering, you are not wobbly. (Colossians 2:1-15)

You have been tried and tested beyond measure. And then, when you thought that was over, accusations came upon you. However, the purity of your heart will always vindicate you. The accuser did not only accuse your heart, but he also accused your works. But then again, your good deeds will always speak for you. The cleanness of your heart and hands will always vindicate you. (Psalm 24:3-4)

Where you did not measure up to the standard, My grace has found you; My grace has caught you. (2 Corinthians 12:9) Always remember that those that are quick to humble themselves, I exalt.

I have now judged the enemy, your accuser. I have judged his counterparts, the workers of inequity, the idolaters. I have judged them. I have come to defend you. I have come to elevate you. Hold on to me. Let your heart beat as one with mine. I am your Maker and your Husband, the Lord Almighty is My name. I have come to fulfil My word. I will make sure that the baby remains safe. I have brought to the moment of birth, and I have delivered. (Isaiah 66:9) In the absence of trained midwives, I Myself, become a midwife. I deliver the bouncing baby. I deliver My government, and it remains safe in My hands.

There is a place that I need you to ascend to, in your worship and your intimacy with Me in this hour. This is a place you have never been, you have never known, you have never experienced before. Come My bride, let us ascend the hills together. Let us ascend the mountains together. Dance with me to the song of all songs. It is in this place that the birth pains will be completely forgotten. I am giving you a new song. You will worship and adore Me intimately and I will deliver and honour you. Let My living waters flow and bring life to everything that the enemy tried to kill and destroy.

My warrior bride, it is from this position that you will be able to release decrees that can never be revoked. It is in this position that my government will be established in the physical realm, swiftly, in a moment.

Babylon has tried to ascend to the heavens and fortify her lofty stronghold, but I have sent destroyers against her. My intimacy with My bride will completely destroy Babylon and will fast-track the establishment and advancement of My government in this nation and continent. Watch and be ready, it is a matter of days. My word has come and has dwelt among you now, in this time of fulfilment of prophecy.

Remember everything I have said to you, remember the words of the prophets, and remember your calling. I have put a stepping stone before you. I am elevating you my sons. I am promoting you my daughters. I am elevating you. Rise up to the calling. Walk, so Africa may begin to walk. Rule for me. I will be your confidence. The nations are waiting for you to be revealed. (Joshua 3:1-8)

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