Africa Convergence Conference — activating God’s prophetic agenda

Africa Convergence Conference prayer and worship time.

By Ntebo Peri

Hundreds of Christians from across South Africa and abroad gathered in Bloemfontein last week for the 2-day Africa Convergence Conference, declaring the prophetic role of Africa in the last days.

The conference, which was hosted by Divine Restoration Ministries under the leadership of Prophet Elisee Yao, was to fulfil God’s mandate to pray for the continent of Africa, its people and its destiny.

Hundreds of Christians from all walks of life were spiritually uplifted during the conference as speaker after speaker delivered messages of hope, love, and reconciliation — and above all the message of make Jesus Christ the centre for this so-called “Dark Continent”.

Pastor Ray Bentley (USA) praying for the nation. Behind him is Prophet Elisee Yao of Divine Restoration Ministries.

A continent of light
Something incredible was unleashed through a prophetic word that Africa is now raising men and women who will shine the light of God without fear to the nations of Africa and the world as a whole. The prophetic message was: “Africa is a continent of light, it is a continent favoured by God”.

Sadly, it was said, the days were gone when believers devoted themselves to meditating deeply on the Word and applying it, in order to respond in authority to the enemies of the Church who have risen through ungodly governments, witchcraft, cultural bondage and idol worship.

The Church had ceded its authority given from the throne room of heaven and it was time to take back that which we had loosed into the wrong hands, speakers said.

All of the guest speakers shared the sentiment that many pastors in Africa had bought into the idea of self-exaltation, false teachings, fear of man and of losing attendants at their churches from a monetary point of view — and had lost their passion for the one and only God.

Prophetic dancing during worship.

It was time for believers to stand united, with a passion for Jesus and living for the kingdom of heaven. Christians were called to renew their minds in order to restore their passion for the Saviour and to fulfil the mandate of God’s prophetic destiny for this continent, the gathering heard.

A call was made to attendees to go out boldly and be part of God’s mission in South Africa and Africa, bringing the restoration and plan of God to the continent.

There was also a call for all to be champions of prayer, never ceasing to intercede and prayjust like Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

It was time to create a multicultural kingdom demonstrating the true love of Christ in a united continent —  beginning with the body of Christ, the Church.

The story of God was revealed in worship through many songs across the different cultures and languages, declaring the need for Africa as a continent to humble herself before the throne of God.

The incredible mark of the conference was the evident change of hearts among Africans (black and white) during a prayer of forgiveness, repentance, deliverance and liberation.

ACDP leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe shares a message.

During the conference, a guest speaker from the United States, Pastor Ray Bentley, challenged white people to truly reconcile with their black counterparts and ask forgiveness for the sins of the past, and for the black nation to release, forgive and stop holding onto the past. A new generation needed to arise — a generation that has eyes looking forward, holding hands to move in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.

The Africa Convergence Conference was a catalyst to activate God’s prophetic agenda to free this continent of every bondage of poverty, greed, disease, corruption, hatred, and witchcraft.

ACDP president Rev Kenneth Meshoe and Dr Eva Seobi both spoke sternly about African cultural practices of ancestral worship and said dedicating of children and government officials to ancestors needed to come to an end for the continent to turn from being a place of darkness to being a place of light to other nations.

Rev Meshoe spoke about the prosperity of African countries in days gone by when they supported Israel, the chosen nation of Elohim. He said countries that had turned their backs on Israel experienced currency devaluation and declining prosperity.

Africa was a rich continent, he said and it was time that its people started to enjoy its fruits, instead of other nations raping the land and leaving Africa in poverty and need.

As the conference drew to a close, those present experienced a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit after a time of soaking in prayer and scripture and a healing time through repentance, forgiveness and releasing hatred and anger.


The conference will be held in Bloemfontein again next in November next year. For more information contact the organisers at

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