Africa, the glory of God is coming as a two-edged sword — Johnny Enlow

The glory of God is about to descend on Africa in a way that will bless faithful pastors mightily but will “be an enemy to” pastors who practice witchcraft, are serial adulterers and who are mammon-driven, said American international speaker and author Johnny Enlow in a prophetic word he posted on Facebook on June 13.

Urging Christians in Africa to stop following charlatans, he said it is time for the Church in Africa to get ready to arise and become “the bright light among the nations of the world” in fulfilment of decades of prophetic promises.

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The full prophetic word is:

Africa, Africa get ready, get ready, for the glory of the Lord is about to descend on you! Faithful pastors are about to experience from God even beyond what they have been asking. Presence, healings, favor, grace upon grace, and long-needed provision.

The descending glory of God will be a difference-maker. This same glory will be an enemy to that which is mixture from the pulpit and it will be even deadly for that which is intentionally mixed with witchcraft and the occult. There is much witchcraft in the pulpit and the time has come for judgment of it to begin.

Church in Africa be wise and discerning. Do not allow this type of mixture anymore. Do not allow witch doctors in the pulpit. Do not submit to them. Do not submit to serial adulterers. Do not bow to pulpit arrogance.

The glory is coming so you can learn to trust your spirit. The glory is coming to break off the fog from your mind. You must cease to submit to the mammon-driven pastor. You must find the true pastors who will steward the glory and this glory will lift you to places you have never been before. You are not just to follow a man anymore. You must allow His light and His glory to shine on you and through you Monday-Saturday wherever you work, wherever you function.

Church in Africa you must cease to allow charlatans, manipulators, warlocks, druids and witches to run your life. You must awaken to the immense destiny that hangs over you. The glory is coming and it will be a two-edged sword. If you are upright it is your friend but if you are wicked it is your enemy.

It is time for the church in Africa to arise to become the bright light among the nations of the world. Time to fulfill decades of prophetic promises. Time to recover all that has been stolen. Time for the true raw power of God to show up to displace the prophets of Baal who have disguised themselves as servants of God.

This glory will release the spirit of Elijah in the land and false fires will begin to be consumed by the real glory fire of God. A time for differentiating between what is holy and what is not is straight before you and the glory of the Lord will begin to bring clarity where there is confusion.

A new day is upon you so get ready, get ready, get ready.

Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor. He is author of RISE, Becoming A Superhero, The Seven Mountain Mantle, Rainbow God, and The Seven Mountain Prophecy.

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  1. Hugh G Wetmore

    A powerful and very relevant Message from the Lord, in harmony with Scripture. Is this prophecy a ‘prediction’ or an ‘exhortation? If it is a ‘prediction’, how and when will it be fulfilled? I look forward to hearing Johnny’s answer.

  2. Sydney Opperman

    Only a FUNCTIONAL CHURCH (an ORGANISM ) will display the manifold wisdom of God. The HEAD (Çhrist) must have full control over the BODY.
    We must remove ALL the denominational billboards (occupied territories)from the BODY OF CHRIST (EKKLESIA).! The denominational.occupation started in 331AD !

  3. Hugh, were on the last days. Where in scripture is this prophesy in harmony?