Alternative hot cross buns are ‘the devil’s work’, says queen’s former chaplain

A former chaplain to the Queen has called alternative fillings in hot cross buns “the devil’s work” as supermarkets stock creative twists on the traditional treat. 

The alternative buns come with a selection of new flavours, including salted caramel, cheese and chocolate. 

Dr Gavin Ashenden, who served at St James’ Palace for almost 10 years, says that it’s “no accident” that the delicacy has been “warped”.

The buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday; Dr Ashenden claims that the new recipes are “enlarging appetites” instead of reminding people of the importance of Christ, and his suffering on the cross. 

The cross on top of the bun is symbolic of Christ’s death, and the spices are believed to symbolise the balm used.

However, Ashenden says that the meaning extends further. He states that the symbolism of the buns is a matter of “multi-layered importance”, and added that Christians were “sad that the symbolism has been lost, but it’s also the loss of the narrative of the struggle”.

“Hot cross buns stand for the struggle for the world as it is and as the world as we want it to be. We are making a lot of money out of exacerbating those appetites.” 

Many of the big-name chains are stocking alternative hot cross buns; Tesco has just announced six new flavours will soon be taking to the shelves. 

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  1. When we need a bun to remind us of the cross then we have problem. Have communion or fast…a bun is not going to save or condemn you…that is dogma

  2. This is amusing, in that it’s a bit much from the former chaplain. For this level of outrage, I really thought the cross would have been replaced with the A atheist sign, a pentagram or maybe some woke slogan. Perhaps I shouldn’t be giving Tesco ideas hey. As long as the cross is there, is a salted caramel, raisin free, or cranberry variety, any less a hot cross bun? It’s not as if it’s a gender neutral bagel, which now identifies as a hot cross bun and would like shopper funding to help it transition. I bet the chaplain would like that! I just wonder he would make of Woolies Halaal Hot Cross buns? Those have always made me grin.

  3. Hugh George WETMORE

    I fully agree with Rik and Bobs. I’ve noticed that “cinnamon buns” are available throughout the year (just as Salvation through the Cross of Christ is available throughout the year). But Bobs is right when s/he finds more Humour than Meaning in this treat!