Angela Hunt — Judah’s Wife: Book review

“When will he hit me and abuse me as my father did to my mother? After all, he is a warrior who surely loves violence more than me.”

Leah was afraid of her new husband but relieved to leave her father’s house behind. She was a young married bride and would do anything to not anger her husband.

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“Why does this woman not trust God? If we can’t serve the Lord then we might as well be dead”

Judah was as surprised as his elder brothers when his father made him commander of the few hundred strong Jewish resistance.

Angela Hunt tells the story of two characters in the first person. She takes an ordinary girl, Leah, who grew up in an abusive house and allows her to see the world. The girl finds more than she bargained for and finds love, loss and faith.

I personally don’t usually read non-fiction books but found myself engrossed in this little gem.

Through Judah’s Wife, the author has gained a new fan and I can 100% recommend this book to boys and girls of all ages.

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