Angus Buchan eager and expectant for Karoo MMC

Angus Buchan

Angus Buchan is “over the moon about visiting the Karoo”. He says it is the fulfilment of the commission that the Lord gave to him.


“He told me to mentor the young men and after holding seven Mighty Men Conferences at Shalom farm we passed the baton on in 2010. It is so exciting that the young men have literally run with the baton and are holding conferences all over South Africa and overseas,” says Angus.

“There have been Mighty Men Conferences (MMCs) in the Western Cape at Paarl, at  Vaal Dam, Overberg, and one in Tasmania, south of Australia, and MMCs are being planned in Northern Natal, KZN, Vredefort and Canada.

“I have just returned from the Bushveld MMC in Polokwane, Limpopo (Pietersburg), I was recently at a MMC in Paarl, Western Cape and the Karoo MMC will soon take place in Middelburg,” he adds.

Buchan says he has been “blown away by the response of those attending the conferences”.

“The power of God is evident; the salvation, the healing, and the reconciliation that is taking place is exactly like it was at Shalom, if not better.

“This is the first time in my life that I have seen so many young men, boys from the age of 12 upwards, weeping when they heard the Word of God.  At the end of the Bushveld MMC meetings, these young men were so desperate for God and so desperate for help, that they would run up and put their arms around my shoulders and cry.

“When I asked them what it was about they just cried, they couldn’t say what it was.  I just know that they have a tremendous need for the assurance that Jesus Christ is in complete control of every situation

Need for spiritual fathers

“The young men have such a hunger for God and need fathers so desperately.  Our country is short of spiritual fathers.  We really need to pray that God will raise them up.”

Buchan believes that God is visiting the men of Southern Africa in an unprecedented way.

“History is being made at the moment, and will be seen in the Karoo. Previously, if you went to your average church, 80% of those attending were women, children and the elderly.

“Today, our churches are full of young men who are changing this nation. I believe we are living in revival, which as John Wesley said, ‘Is a people saturated with God’.”

Buchan says he is eager to attend the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC), which is set to take place from 29th April to 01 May 2011 on the outskirts of Middelburg on Rusoord Farm with the theme of “Transformed by His love”.
He reminds that in Galations 5:14 Paul says the whole word of God summed up is: “You shall love your neighbour as yourself”.

“I can’t wait to speak in the Karoo about love, it will be my last MMC for this year,” says Buchan.

Jannie Moolman, a farmer in the Middleburg district and event co-ordinator of the KMMC, is also excited and filled with enthusiasm for the first Karoo a transforming power for Middelburg, the Karoo and everybody that attends the meeting.

Dave Turner, who is one of the local organisers of the KMMC, a lay pastor in a local church and has attended all of the conferences at Buchan’s Shalom farm, agrees with Moolman saying that when individuals’ lives are changed their families and communities are also transformed by their stand for justice, living according to the biblical pattern and acknowledgement of the glory of God.

“It is a transformation to where the love of God is evident and righteousness prevails,” he adds.

Moolman says what impresses him most about Buchan is although he is just an ordinary farmer he has a special message from God, because he walks so closely with our Creator.

“Angus’ message always means so much to the people attending his events, which is emphasised by the fellowship they experience with other men of faith.”

Turner confirms that Buchan’s evangelistic message is extremely powerful: “He encourages people to step out in faith and practically live the messages of the Bible, like loving our wives and children, doing God’s will, forgiving others as we would be forgiven, and loving our neighbours as ourselves”.

“Angus is an example of what living the Kingdom life is, so attending one of his conferences affects your lifestyle in every way, from being a father and husband to dealing with your taxes,” says Turner.

Moolman maintains that besides his evangelistic anointing, a special aspect Buchan and the Mighty Men conferences is the manner in which Christians of so many different churches and denominations are brought together.

He says Buchan brings people of different races, churches and languages together in praise and worship of the Lord.
The KMMC organisers invite South Africa’s men to be “Transformed by His love” and to become ambassadors for God starting within their very own homes and serving parents, brothers, sisters, wives and children.

For more information visit the KMMC website at or Facebook page at Karoommc, or phone 079 947 3566


  1. Can I please get the dates for 2012 when Angus is going to have his mighty men in SA because my man wants to attend the mighty men conference in SA