Angus Buchan on mission to restore men in Brazil

Publicity poster for Angus Buchan's ministry trip to Brazil
Publicity poster for Angus Buchan’s ministry trip to Brazil

Farmer evangelist Angus Buchan left for Brazil today in response to an impassioned cry to help men in that nation restore their identity as prophets, priests and kings in their homes.

In an interview this week Buchan said he was first invited to Brazil four to five years ago but had not felt led of the Lord to go until now.

He said last year four Brazilian Christian leaders plus an interpreter “put their hands in their own pockets and flew over to come and meet us at Shalom. When I asked them what was the urgency and persistence in inviting me, their answer was quite straight: that men have lost their identity in Brazil. They had a mixed conference for men and women — 10 000 women arrived and 80 men!”

Buchan said the Brazilian delegation was very concerned about the lack of spiritual fathers in their nation and when they saw what was happening through the Mighty Men phenomenon in South Africa and other parts of the world they were desperate to get on board and see their men restored to their Godly identity.

He said his book and film “Faith Like Potatoes” have been translated into Portuguese which hopefully would mean he would not have to introduce himself too much in Brazil. It is his first visit to the nation where he will vist the Maringa area from January 29 to February 6.


  1. May the Lord strenghten him, physically, mentally and spiritually. Continue with the good work. God bless

  2. We pray for His blessing on you Angus, that His angels will surround you, and that the Kingdom of God will be further extended.