Angus Buchan reflects on the ‘It’s Time’ experience

its time Angus
Angus Buchan leading a crowd of around a million people who came to Bloemfontein to pray for South Africa. (PHOTO: Moeketsi Mogotsi via Bloemfontein Courant)

Gateway News interviews Angus Buchan three days after the ‘It’s Time’ national day of prayer in Bloemfontein on Saturday April 22

GWN: Six weeks ago you heard God say ‘It’s Time’ and “a million [people]”. And you set in motion a plan for the ‘It’s Time’ event last Saturday. What were the highs and lows for you and your team over those six weeks?
ANGUS BUCHAN: The highs were obviously the way in which everything came together. So supernaturally, unbelievable — from the farm being chosen, from the venue — Bloemfontein — in the middle of the country, from the doors opening, from the team being put together — the most amazing team in Bloemfontein and at Shalom  working together as one. Absolute miracles — small teams but very powerful. The weather pattern, the response from everybody — those were definitely the highs.
The lows? It was so big that if God didn’t do it, it was doomed to fail. And we have a saying at Shalom: “You must attempt something so big that if it’s not of God it’s doomed to fail.” And the question is “Why?” And the answer is because if it works then nobody can touch God’s glory. In other words it was a supernatural challenge, and it needed a supernatural God — Jesus — to bring it to completion. So often I felt so unworthy, so insignificant, so small and weak, that the challenge was so big. I would wake up many times in the middle of the night thinking about the financial implications, bearing in mind we were taking no collection, selling no tickets. And then of course to rally a million people straight after the Easter holidays. It’s never been done before in the history of this country. We have staged some big meetings before but never, ever, vaguely the size of this event. So the lows were, I really know what Gethsemane feels like now.

Crowd at “It’s Time” national prayer day. (PHOTO: Twitter).

GWN: Well April 22 came and is now history. What was your day like?
ANGUS BUCHAN: Exceptional! Having to pinch myself regularly to believe that I’m alive — not in heaven already. Incredible!

GWN: What is your message today and going forward to the million South Africans who kneeled together on Wilde Als farm to dedicate their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ?
 ANGUS BUCHAN: The message is simple. We need to continue to pray for our nation. We made that very clear on the day. It’s not over. It’s only the beginning. We need to be known in South Africa as a praying nation.

GWN: Was the day a manifestation of revival?
ANGUS BUCHAN: The answer is: definitely YES!



  1. Wow! In the natural this event would have failed. But God!

  2. Oh and the best of all there was no charge – after all the gospel is free. Angus is a man of true faith – an example that we can all follow, as he follows Jesus. PTL!

  3. To God be the glory. Thank you Oom Angus for heeding God’s call.


  5. Jenny may mc cabe

    Angus Buchan is truly a mighty man of God always obedient to Gods Word and his Faith is such an example to me as he walks the talk. He is truly the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth may God continue to pour out His supernatural anointing over him and his family and friends. He truly walks in the Spirit. And we can see how God’s power works and stand in Awe of God and praise His name forever. God bless you! Shalom ????????❤❤???

  6. To step out in faith like this is removing everything that says to me it cannot be done. Firstly me and then the demonic. Praise the King who honours His word. Thank you Angus and your team for your SOS. Submission, Obedience and Sacrifice

  7. I had spent Friday night in Hospital, at 7am I called Bridget to please fetch me at 8-30am. We live near Glen and had been warned that traffic to “It’s Time” would be diverted via the gravel that passes BG. I could not believe the multitudes, stationary cars had to part to allow us to turn off to the farm. Traffic was backed up for at least 7kms in all directions. People were walking around, no signs of anger of frustration, GOD was there keeping hundreds of thousands of people calm and in awe of this amazing event!

  8. Highly significant event. Kudos to all involved, praise to God , and great expectation to see the prayers answered.

  9. Jannie van Staden

    In 2 Kor 3:17 staan daar.”Die HERE is die Gees, en waar die Gees van die HERE is, daar is vryheid. Ons almal kon dit sien en ervaar daardie dag,”vryheid , rustigheid en kalmte met miljoene mense op die pad en bymekaar. In normale omstandighede n resep vir groot furstrasies met al die karre saam, maar daar was vrede orals.God was verseker daar die hele dag.Dit was verseker “OUR JESUS MEETING”.

  10. Rue Jourdan-Oosthuizen

    I am ecstatic to have gotten the news that it all went well.I awaited feed back since I am abroad now.What a mighty God we serve.Faithful as always!Let us keep praying for our nation to be restored

  11. Suzette van Rooyen

    What an amazing experience and privilege to attend this incredible event. God always works through an available and humble vessel and He found one in Angus Buchan. South Africa is blessed to have a man who was prepared to pay the price. Only God knows what that obedience cost him. Bless you Angus. South Africa loves and appreciates you.

  12. Rev. Carole Meyer

    An awesome experience I will treasure forever. Thank you to all involved in organising this wonderful historical event. Thanks to all the volunteers, and those who served, you did a great job. Thanks and praise to The Lord for Angus, his wonderful, inspiring message.Thanks and praise be to God for all the miracles and his grace and mercy. Amen.

  13. net ons Here God kan so iets suksesvol maak so wonderlik om van mense se getuienisse te hoor hoe GOD ook hulle aangeraak het.