Angus Buchan shares on faith and maturity

Book Review by Andre Viljoen


Anybody who has been following the remarkable Mighty Men Movement that started when 240 men gathered on Angus Buchan’s Kwazulu Natal farm, Shalom, in 2004, will be fascinated to read his personal account of the events and emotions leading up to and following his dramatic coming-of-age experience at the 2009 Mighty Men Conference when he collapsed with a suspected heart attack shortly after preaching his heart out to nearly 200 000 men.

Farmer-evangelist Buchan believes that Jesus miraculously healed him during his emergency helicopter flight to hospital because of the fervent prayers of the men at the conference, as well as of righteous people all over the world. Against all expectations, and against the advice of his doctors and family, he was back at the conference the next morning, preaching his heart out again.

“I thank God for the turmoil, the pain and the tribulation I went through a short while ago because it made me come of age,” he writes of his transforming realisation of the brevity of life and the urgent need to make every moment count.

“We need to come of age because there is no time left for fooling around,” says Buchan.

During the book, which picks up his life story where Faith Like Potatoes ends off, Buchan shares many remarkable testimonies and lessons learnt that encourage readers to rethink their life priorities and to put their faith firmly in God.

I found it interesting that despite Buchan’s conviction of the need to make the most of every moment, he says he has come to understand that more prayer — not more action — is the key to living a fruitful life. He writes: “Let us choose to be those who would stop rushing around and start sitting at His feet and resting in the faithfulness of the Faithful One”.

This book can be bought online and is available in both English and Afrikaans

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