Angus urges Mighty Men organisers to win souls for God’s kingdom

The 12-member Karoo Mighty Men organising committee with Angus Buchan at his farm, Shalom.
10 conferences taking place in southern Africa during 2016

Returning to Angus Buchan’s farm, Shalom, where the Mighty Men Conferences (MMC) started, for the first time since the last MMC was held there in 2010 brought back rich memories, was fortuitous, and served to encourage and enlighten the Karoo Mighty Men Conference 2016 (KMMC 2016) committee members, according to Jannie Moolman, KMMC coordinator.

This year nine regional MMCs will take place throughout South Africa with a 10th conference planned for Botswana. Most of the organising committees attended the gathering at Shalom to meet with the MMC founder.

The KMMC organising committee arrived at Shalom at 8am on the morning of Thursday, February 18, and were able to spend an hour of quiet time and prayer together in the Shalom Chapel before seeing Oom Angus.

“It was awesome to be there, together, after so many years. It was like reuniting at the place where so much started in our spiritual lives,” says Moolman.

He says the meeting with Oom Angus was a wonderful opportunity for the KMMC organising committee to take a trip together, which they had planned to do for the last three years without success.

Closer unity
“All 12 of us travelling to Shalom together in a bus helped develop a closer unity among the committee members for the task ahead.

“The visit to Shalom has also encouraged us, focused our minds on KMMC 2016 and what is expected from the conference.

“We were fortunate to spend an hour alone as a committee with Oom Angus before the broader meeting during which time he anointed each committee member with oil and we each had the opportunity to ask him questions.”

Moolman says the larger meeting together with the rest of the organising committees was an excellent opportunity for Oom Angus to share his heart for the MMCs this year and ensure that everyone is on the same page as far as what the aims, goals and intention of the MMC organisation is, as well as share how it originated and developed.

“Oom Angus made it clear to all concerned that the task of the MMCs was to multiply God’s Kingdom. His dedication to win souls for the Kingdom came through stronger than ever.

“The MMC game plan, regulations, rules and mandate was also explained to us, which included the importance of unity in body and spirit, discipline, joy in the camp, and family values.

Bigger picture
”The meeting was also a good time to get an understanding of the bigger MMC picture, meet and greet other organising committee members, learn from each other, and swap ideas regarding things like praise and worship, and speakers,” says Moolman.

While Oom Angus says South Africa is facing many challenges, he encouraged those at the meeting to believe God for a miracle in the nation, which is the reason he is not travelling overseas much this year.

“I have put on hold many invitations, because I really believe God wants to use South Africa to direct the rest of Africa into revival,” says the MMC founder.

He says the purpose of the meeting was to encourage and build-up the leaders of the MMCs.

“God gave me a mandate in 2003 to mentor young men so that they might be prophets, priests and kings in their own homes.

“Recently the Lord spoke clearly to me during my quiet time through 1 Chronicles where David spent time with his mighty men and spoke into their lives, which was my intention at this meeting that 69 delegates from all over Southern Africa attended.

“The meeting served as an opportunity to reiterate the blueprint of the Mighty Men revival. The response was unanimous among the organising committee members many of whom shed tears.

“We also reminded those that would be speaking at the various MMCs this year that they were not to speak about what they thought God had in mind for Mighty Men, but to implement what God has already told us about men and their positions in their homes,” says the farmer-evangelist.


  1. Mighty Men Conference Western Cape fully supports Karoo MMC.
    As we have been advocating for the last 6 years, it is all about Unity.
    Great article!
    Let MMC’s lead revival together.

  2. I have been part of the Mighty Men Family since 2009 sitting under the biggest tent in the world. Since then I have never turned my eyes away from God. I will be attending the Karoo Mighty Men for the forth time this year 2016 and it just getting better and better all the time.