Another excellent worship album from Paul Baloche

Music Review by Shelley Wasserman

Record label: Integrity Music
• 13 Songs
• Time: 60 minutes
• Release Date: March 13, 2012

The Same Love Track Listing:
1. The Same Love
2. We are Saved
3. King of Heaven
4. All Because of the Cross
5. Your Blood Ran Down
6. My Hope
7. Oh Our Lord
8. Christ the Lord
9. Reign In Me
10. Just Say
11. Loved By You
12. Look Upon the Lord
13. Shout for Joy

Paul Baloche has been writing some of the most well known worship songs used for within the church context for the past 20 years or so. He is still relevant and in tune with what is current within worship circles of today. This CD is no different from what we would come to expect from Baloche and you will find it will not disappoint.

“The Same Love” is Baloche’s 12th release with Integrity Music and is said to be one of his best albums to date. This CD has some really special guests who contribute in song writing, voice and instruments. The guests include One Sonic Society’s Jason Ingram, All Sons and Daughters’ Leonard and Leslie Jordan, Brothers McClurg, Kari Jobe, Angela Krusi, Kathryn Scott and Ben Fielding from Hillsong. With names as big as those making their appearance we are bound for a treat!

The opening and title track “The Same Love” sets the tone for the rest of the album with a reminder that God is calling us all by name to the cross.

“We are saved”, with the contributions of Fielding and Ingram is a wonderful worship song that bellows out the wonderment of our salvation.

“King of Heaven” is a great worship song for any church context with an invitation made on our part for God’s Kingdom to come and dwell amongst us and to show His glory. This song has a more folksy sound at times, which adds a nice light hearted sound to the album.

“All because of the Cross” is Baloches’ adapted version of “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” which puts a catchy twist to one of my old favourites. It’s one that will easily find itself being sung within the worship context of church services.

“Your Blood Ran Down” is a short, more quiet and reflective song that meditates on the cross and what Jesus endured for us so that we can know Him and be in relationship with Him.

“My Hope” is my personal favourite from this album. It speaks of our hope being built on Him no matter the circumstances that come our way. It speaks of holding on to Him and building on Him, our solid Rock. I really like how this song was put together- the ebb and flow of it all is very fitting and moving, with Kathryn Scott’s strong vocals completing the great sound and emotion of this song.

Another uplifting and folksy sounding addition is the song “Oh Our Lord”. The chorus sings of His majesty, with the bridge being more of a declaration, singing out truths of God who is our light in the darkness and the word of truth.

An adaption to Charles Wesley’s “Christ the Lord” is the next song on this CD. It has been rather skillfully rearranged and one of those songs you will find yourself singing out loud hours after you have listened to the CD.

“Reign in Me” is the first of two slower worship songs asking God to have His way in us and to be who He says He is in us. This is followed by “Just Say”, which asks God to make us whole.

“Loved by You” is a song that recognizes one of the main reasons we were created: To love Him and to be loved by Him. It’s a song that can be used and enjoyed for one’s personal worship times.

“Look Upon the Lord” is one of those songs that when you read the words and listen to the track you are mesmerized and say to yourself as I have just done: “I HAVE to take this track to …..(you can fill in the name of your worship team leader here…..) Wow does not really do justice to this song…So I will try and go with: Wow! Wow! Wow!

“Shout for Joy” is the apt closing song of the album that also, like many of the other songs on this album, shares with us the Gospel message and the reason for our joy!

Paul Baloche fans will not be disappointed by this CD. You are encouraged to get your hands on a copy!

To preview some of the songs, click on this link.

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