Apostolic Leadership Summit aims to equip leaders

als“We are convinced that the Word of God remains the key to understanding the times we are living in and that within these ancient biblical truths are contained eternal principles capable of restoring divine order,” says Gate Ministries which is hosting the Apostolic Leadership Summit (ALS) at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, from March 9 to 12, 2016.

The GLS, which will be addressed by Dr SY Govender from South Africa (www.apostolicleader.co.za), John Alley from Australia (www.peace.org.au), Joseph Mattera (www.josephmattera.org) and Dr Sam Soleyn from the USA (www.soleyn.com), is a global event where the critical analysis of doctrine and accurate exegesis of the Scriptures precipitates radically altered belief, behaviour and structures within the church of God, says Gate Ministries in a press release. 

“As a wave of consternation moves rapidly across the globe, there is growing consensus that organisations, whether corporate, government or religious, are perilously poised on sinking sand. The great crises of our time – economic downturns, devastating wars and rumours of war, the ethical and moral failure of trusted global institutions, the corruption and decay of church and governmental authorities – can no longer be resolved by the current ideological paradigms that govern this world.

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“A root causality of these global issues is the tragic dearth of credible leaders willing to challenge the status quo and
address the systemic problems of corruption and greed. Across nations, there is a call for leaders to emerge with the ability to lead whole societies out of this present darkness. Leaders who capture the mind of God with respect to the divine plan for the human race; who represent the image, likeness and fatherhood of God to societies that have become dysfunctional as a result of economic, social and governmental tyranny,” says the press release.

It says the ALS Sandton 2016 is aimed at reaching leaders to reform, rebuild and restore the church to its original biblical blueprint, so that the church can become a catalyst in transforming the world.

ALS hosts Thamo and Mirolyn Naidoo, Senior Elders of GATE Ministries Sandton, invite conference-goers to join them from March9 to 12 “as we rediscover the ancient truths found within the Scriptures that teach us to live by a divine economy – an economy that is not only about finances or stock markets, but a standard for the stewardship of God’s people and resources that transcends our human limitations”.

For more information and to register for the ALS visit THE website www.apostolicgate.com.


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