Area no more a ‘dry, barren, desert’ after first Northern Cape MMC

The NCMMC worship team in action

[notice]Riaan Janse van Vuuren reports back on the inaugural Norther Cape Mighty Men Conference near Kimberley last weekend. [/notice]

The very first Northern Cape Mighty Men Conference — hosted by Kimberley Christian Network and organised by a team of 15 under the spiritual oversight of Pastor Herman Steyn and Rev Ensie Enslin — was held last weekend at the Pro Regno & Deo Gloria Christian Camp Sites 30km outside of Kimberley in the Barkly West District.

The camping area next to the Vaal River was established by Uncle Kenny De Kock with the vision of hosting Christian camps.

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Willie Joubert, right, and Graham Power.

The entire Pro Regno Trust — which manages the camping are — was totally involved in the arrangements. The Dutch Reformed Church in Barkly West and a Children’s Home benefited from the sale of food.

The theme for the NCMMC was “Identity – your identity in Christ”. The speakers were Dawie Spies from Manne van die Woord on Friday evening, Hendrik Putter on Saturday morning, Graham Power from Unashamedly Ethical on Saturday evening, and Jannie Pelser from Rant-en-Dal Dutch Reformed Church on Sunday morning.

Willie Joubert led the praise and worship with a five-man band. On Sunday morning we released 70 doves as a prophetic action of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the area and the event was closed with a united prayer for rain over South Africa.

Men at the event.

Significant outcomes of the NCMMC were:

  • For years we referred to the area as a dry, barren earth. The Lord clearly showed us, through several people, that we are breaking up the ground in preparation for great spiritual breakthroughs to follow. The one prophetic word came that “no eye has seen, and no ear has heard, what the Lord has in store for those who love Him”. I personally made a commitment that I will no longer refer to the area as a dry, barren desert.
  • Without having contact before the NCMMC, the speakers and the worship team prepared from God’s throne room and during every service many men re-committed their lives to the Lord. The programme directors decided to change the Saturday evening’s programme by letting Graham Power first share the word and then have the praise and worship session. At the end of the evening, after nearly 90 minutes of praise and worship, every person in the audience made a new commitment to the Lord. This foundation led to the Sunday morning service where Jannie Pelser ministered the word.
  • The prophetic action was led by the song “Wie Sal Ek stuur” (Who shall I send) and the presence of the Holy Spirit were tangible.
Dawie Spies ministering.
  • We believe we have broken the soil for great spiritual blessings to follow. Everyone is excited about the changes in the spiritual realm that took place.
  • On Saturday afternoon we had an info session with eight pastors who camped over the weekend and they committed to support the NCMMC in the years to come.
  • A member on the planning committee launched a programme with the children at the children’s home. They were our guests at the Saturday and Sunday morning services and a programme to be spiritually involved with them was born over the weekend.

We also want to make use of this opportunity to announce that we have set a date for the 2017 NCMMC. The Pro Regno Trust has given their support for the 2017 NCMMC. The dates are September 29 to October 1,  2017.

We had made a DVD recording of the entire weekend and orders can be placed at


  1. Amen. I have attended the Karoo as well as Malmesbury MMC for several years and am overjoyed to hear that one was held in Kimberly. God most definitely is moving in our land. Blessings to all

  2. Peter Mc Gregor

    Absolutely overwhelming; I was not there but when the Spirit moves, that is good news for every one born from above. I pray that we may keep these events in constant prayer before the LORD Himself, as we wait in anticipation and expectation for all the other MMC events between now and the next Northern cape MMC.