Armour 2022 Daily Planner launched to help Christian women stay close to God


Recently nominated for the Sociopreneur Christian Women Entrepreneur Network Africa Award, Kea Modise-Moloto has authored and launched the Armour 2022 Daily Planner for Christian Women.

The daily planner is inspired by Ephesians 6:10-18 to daily remind women of God’s protection, provision and promises.

“Most of the times, when we are experiencing struggles, we forget our source of help and solace. The truth is that we are able to overcome by trusting and waiting in the Lord. It was during the darkest season of my life, when I did not want to live anymore that I learnt of God’s promises, provision and protection from the Scripture verses that were shared with me by family, friends and strangers. As I was recovering from that season, and after launching the Christian Women Business Network, I became more aware of the pain, struggles and loss of hope that other women were experiencing. 

“I launched the Christian Women Business Network, about five years ago, to create a safe space for Christian business and career women to connect and empower one another towards thriving businesses and spiritual lives. But it opened my eyes to not just their businesses but to their struggles and pain too. I felt prompted to give the same support I received when I was in the valley and did not want to talk to anyone — this is how the Armour Daily Planner came to mind…to be a companion to women in all types of seasons” said Kea.

Kea Modise-Moloto

This Armour Daily Planner was first launched in 2020 for 2021 to a positive market response and has been described as “an unbelievable piece of art”, said Kea. She say it is a daily planner like no other in that it features testimonies of amazing women from the Bible as well as modern, everyday women and how God has shown up in their journeys. There are also daily scriptures that inspire and encourage us to trust and stay in God and which offer personal reflection time on a weekly basis — among other special offerings like month plans and goal setting.

The monthly testimonies are not only to remind women of God’s good works and love but to especially inspire us to know and trust that if God could do it before, do it for her, He will do it again for me too.

Michelle Tryon who is an author and minister, Margaret Hirsch, founder of Hirsch’s appliance stores, Jackie Mpondo-Hendricks the chief executive of South Africa United Business Confederation, Chrissie Kuun of Jrevolution International Ministry, Cynthia Mngewu CEO of Bukhosi Bethu Construction and the Queen — Sibongile Mofokeng — an entrepreneur and radio presenter are some of the women sharing their testimonies in the Armour 2022 Daily Planner.

“Any woman that has struggled or is struggling with loss, divorce, business, self-identity, career and ministry will find a sister and encouragement in the daily planner” says Kea.

The Christian Women Business Network launched in 2017 is not only for businesswomen’s sisterhood but also empowers teen girls in rural areas and townships. The network’s other offerings are the arise magazine, Christian Women Business Directory and  which Kea established during the first lockdown of 2020 to help grow brands and access to Christian businesswomen, especially in the new unexpected days of online business.

She describes herself and a passionate servant of the Lord committed to connecting women to thrive in life and business through inspiration, empowerment and upliftment opportunities.

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WhatsApp: +27 (0) 82 970 6035 

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