Author seeking witnesses to authentic miracles for latest book project

Dr Isak Burger.

Do you know of miracles or healings that defy scientific or medical explanation and which can be verified by witnesses?

Then former Apostolic Faith Mission of SA president and author Dr Isak Burger would like hear from you in connection with a new book project in which he aims to compile testimonies of divine miracles in people’s lives.

He explains his latest project in a letter which he sent to Gateway News.

The letter reads: “I completed the manuscript of my latest book on Character and Integrity in November 2019. During December I really waited upon the Lord concerning my next project.

“One morning during my private time with God, I felt it on my heart to initiate a compilation of testimonies of divine miracles in people’s lives.

“It must however be authentic miracles and healings — cases that can be verified. There are many people today who (sometimes with good reason) are quite cynical and sceptical regarding the supernatural. While it remains the work of the Holy Spirit to bring people to conviction, I’m asking for miracles that can stand any test.

“On several occasions Jesus requested people who were healed to show themselves to the priests who in those days acted as ‘health-officials’ — especially in cases of contagious diseases.

“Over the last years there were too many so-called ‘miracles’ which were at best quite dubious and sometimes plainly fraudulent. This caused many people to be quite cynical about miracles. What is needed are true, authentic witnesses of God’s supernatural power.

“As believers, we indeed see the hand and grace of God in many ways in our lives — and we should always thank Him for that. I however want to focus on miracles where even cynics cannot deny that something supernatural happened.

“Let me give an example — A believer has cancer. He/she is being prayed for. At the same time the person receives radical medical treatment. After a few months the person is declared ‘clean’. Surely a believer will recognise God’s hand of grace and will give Him the honour. Fact is, however, that many unbelievers are declared ‘clean’ after similar medical treatment.

“However, there are cases of supernatural, divine healing where a miracle can be attested to — either by X-rays, scientific tests and even by medical specialists. In short, it should be an uncontested miracle of God, scientifically and medically unexplainable.

“During the ministry of Jesus on earth the blind could see, the deaf could hear and the lame could walk again. Surely God is still doing supernatural things! This is what I’m referring to.

“My intention is not to elevate the miraculous to a higher level than God’s gracious work in our everyday lives, but in a cynical, secular-humanistic world, I wish to make known an authentic witness that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

“I know miracles are still happening – and I am not merely referring to miraculous healings. My purpose with such a testimonial of irrefutable miracles is the following:
1 – Such testimonies must bring glory and praise to God.
2 – It must increase faith in the hearts of believers. We must realise again that God is almighty and unchangeable. What He did in Biblical times, He is still doing today.
3 – In an increasingly post-Christian and humanistic world it must authentically proclaim that God is not an illusion or a historic legend but a living reality!

“Maybe you have such a testimony yourself. Perhaps you know of such a person. Will you then share this letter with him/her?

“I can be contacted at Also forward me (with permission) their contact-information. I can then, if necessary, make contact to acquire the necessary verification regarding the miracle.

“My prayer is that this book will contribute in a special way to the extension of God’s Kingdom and the glory of His Name.
The project is undertaken in cooperation with Carpe Diem Publishers.”

An Afrikaans version of Dr Burger’s letter can be viewed here.

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