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A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

It is time!!!

Those are the words on my lips and I believe on the heart of the Father!

I have seen so much this past month of God’s unfathomable amazing greatness and glory!

Where to start?!

Right now I am writing to you from the air — heading to the USA and then Europe to minister, but you will have to wait until next month to hear what God has done!

The USA trip was meant to start much sooner, but God had another plan with this daughter.

Change of plans
End of April I received a phone call from a group of people wanting to do media coverage building up to the April 22 “It’s Time” event.

Angus B timeThis would look like doing interviews with leaders in SA, capturing stories of God’s goodness so far before the event and seeing God in action in Bloemfontein whilst there and on the day!

For those who do not know “It’s Time” was started with South Africa being in a critical state — corruption, drought, declared a junk nation and so on. A farmer in desperation took it upon himself to send a video clip to Angus Buchan, a well-known man of God in SA, to gather the people to pray. Angus then felt led by God to make the call. The call was for 1 million people to meet in Bloemfontein to pray.

They were looking for a presenter that can also bring the miraculous into the mix. But I would already have been in America by then.

Something started to stir. I knew God was talking to me. I put the phone down and went running to the hills. “God speak to me — USA or SA?” He took me to Ephesians 5:10 and told me to listen very carefully to His instructions. I listened.

Suddenly my iPod (which is never on shuffle) played a song I had not heard for maybe a year — ” if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray … oh africa hear the voice of God. Oh Africa hear the voice of God and be healed!” I burst into tears. I called my flight agent and changed everything. I knew I was to be a part of the “It’s Time SA” team and be at the event in Bloemfontein on April 22.

More on that in a minute.

Ministry and healings at women and kids meetings
I was asked to speak at a women’s meeting at Lewende Woord.

Lindy-Ann - new life meet
Lindy-Ann ministering at the women’s meeting at Lewende Woord.

The next day I was off to another women’s meeting in Houtbay. So many amazing things happened but the best for me was when the meeting was over. I had told the ladies that they are welcome to leave or join for cake and tea at the back when suddenly a lady walked in with a little boy. The boy was in need of healing. He is usually in a wheelchair or had to be held up on both sides under his arms to be able to kind of walk. They sat him down on the floor and everyone looked at me in expectation. I just looked at God — because I can’t make impossible things possible — that’s His job.

I started to pray. His arm seemed to improve, but his eye and speech which was clearly impaired was not getting any better it seemed. Then I asked the mom — can he walk? “No”. So I took his hand, helped him up and at first he held onto my finger whilst we walked him up and down as everyone continued to pray. Before we knew it — he was walking entirely on his own!!! Jesus!!! His granny and mom were both in tears. Amazing. That’s my King. I wonder if you know Him? Ha ha!

Sunday morning I was asked to speak at the Kid’s Church at Journey of Grace (my church family). God was at work! Every kid who needed physical healing was healed. They lined up sharing their testimonies one by one. One awesome testimony was actually of the kid’s school teacher who introduced me. She started telling the kids about me and how she had attended the JOG Women’s Conference months ago where I was one of the speakers. I had made a call to all those struggling with allergies. She was allergic to many things including egg whites. So much so that if she ate some she would have to be taken straight to the hospital. I prayed over all those standing. The next day she ate eggs for breakfast and was totally healed! Perhaps you have an allergy. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. You can be healed simply by reading this testimony!

Lindy-Ann - kids ministry
Lindy-Ann ministering to the kids of Journey of Grace.

Starting the It’s Time interviews
Then the interviews with some men and women of God for “It’s Time” started in Cape Town.

One man I really admire … Graham Power.

Also someone I knew nothing of but who is doing incredible miracles in Khayelitsha Pastor Mahala.

For more interviews go to my Facebook wall.

Manenberg crusade
Manenberg crusade was definitely another long awaited April highlight. Thomas and Erin O’Brien live in a wendyhouse in someone’s backyard in Manenberg — one of the most dangerous places I know of. Unfortunately notorious for gang wars, shooting, rapes and drugs. Five people died in the shooting the week before I joined Erin to pray over the field.

Last year I had preached there on the street corner and Erin had shared how it was their heart to do an open air crusade on the sports field. And so it happened over April 5 to 6. It was beautiful. Two days of carnival style loving on the community. There was a team from Bethel, Iris, Germany and more – of course lots of locals pulled through — yay! Kid’s games, prophetic booths, face painting and more! My dear friend Carol Campbell (Healing Rooms Director Africa) and I ran the “Be Healed” tent. Glorious! One of the very first people who came in was a lady with a 5 year old boy. His legs were completely paralysed. We prayed. Then I told him to “kick the devil” and he did! Those little legs flung across the air! Wooooohoooo!!! Just amazing. The things I get to see. Wow! God is alive!

There was a gang war happening whilst the event was taking place and a gale wind which caused many people not to want to come out of their houses, but God still moved.

I preached the second night and the Spirit of God came. The Spirit moved and people were healed delivered and slain left, right and centre. Just like the Bible says. Amen.

Lindy-Ann - mannenberg
Lindy-Ann preaching at the Manenberg Crusade April 6.

More It’s Time interviews
The next week I was off to Bloemfontein to interview some people. Just me and a media guy and a relentless reliance on God to open doors.

We got some amazing interviews with some amazing people about the hand of our amazing God.

You can watch all of these on or the It’s Time SA Facebook page — I have also shared it all onto my wall.

One of my favourites was with a “random” lady we met outside of the airport.

Must watch!

KKNK Jesus tent
Easter weekend I flew down to Oudtshoorn. Famous for the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees) over this time. By God’s divine favour they managed to put a 2 000 man tent on a field in the centre of the festival, which had never before been allowed for anything during KKNK. And so the Rec field hosted the Jesus tent.

Lindy-Ann KKNK tent
The Jesus tent at the KKNK where Lindy-Ann had the opportunity to minster.

My last time there the pastor said he had seen a vision of me singing in a tent and the Holy Spirit coming. Another pastor had jumped up to confirm the word. And so there I was with a team. Time to see God do His thing. And He did.

Lindy-Ann - paas posterThere was a little boy named Jerome. He was deaf. His mom said he couldn’t hear you especially if standing behind him from a distance. So I made him stand on the far corner of the stage with his back towards me. I told him to give me a thumbs up when he heard his name. Without the microphone I said his name. The little thumb went into the air. I stepped further away. The little thumb again. Eventually I stood as far away as I could and told him to turn around. The little boy swung around and the crowd went wild!

Jesus! These signs and wonders will follow those who believe Mark 16:17. Do you believe?

Lindy-Ann - KKNK 2
Lindy-Ann ministering at the Paas Konferensie over the Easter weekend.

It’s Time build up
Back to Bloemfontein. The excitement was rising as people came in from all across the country. I even met a pastor from Brazil who came especially for the event!

Two days before the event we had the privilege of witnessing cyclists ride into Bloemfontein who had cycled all the way from Cape Town — 500km! A prophetic act.

We were asked to film the cyclists and intercessors as they were going to pray at the venue. We stood in front of the stage interceding, prophetically placing a rock with the verse from 2 Chronicles 7:14 and anointing the place. I fell on my knees weeping as the presence of God overcame me. “Gee ons n hart vir ons land” (Give us a heart for our country) was being sung. Oh how I love South Africa.

It’s time finally here
April 22 was finally here! Over a million people is said to have arrived. All seeking the face of the King for this nation we call home. It was astounding. We ran around with a camera praying for the sick.

One amazing praise report was when we went into the Medical Tent. Stretchers everywhere. One girl had a broken foot. We prayed. Pain gone. She stood up to check what God had done and started to cry as she realised she was miraculously touched by God. Her dad, a doctor in the tent, came over saying “you were sent by God”. We took them outside of the tent to share the testimony. She did a cartwheel and her dad sat crying explaining how this could only have been God!

What was really cool was the wind that appeared out of seemingly nowhere. A mini tornado above the crowd which came from the back and stopped right in front of the stage — taking some balloons and a man’s hat up into the air! A sign from God. Our mouths hung open. It was profound!

After the meeting we continued to go around praying for the sick. Miracles became super easy — something had shifted! An open heaven.

At dusk I saw a lady sitting on the side of the road in her camping chair waiting for her husband to fetch her. She was wearing two big black moon boots. I had not seen this type before! The testimony?! You have to watch. Make sure to sign up to my YouTube channel to see it when released. Wow wow wow!!! Her feet were frozen like rock. But God. She took her boot off and wiggled those toes! Her husband couldn’t lift his arms above shoulder height but he too received a touch. Healed!

The aftermath
After that — well I went home exhausted with a big smile. I said to God: I had a different expectation for the event. A book of Acts Holy Spirit outpour … He said. “It was a prayer day. So now you have prayed and now you need to wait for me to move”.

Today as I went for a jog with my best friend, only a few hours before jumping on the plane to leave the country, lightning and thunder struck all around and suddenly an outpouring!

Oh I knew! Can a nation be saved in a day — yes it can!!!

I do not know what you are standing in faith for, but even if you do not yet see it — I want to tell you — you have seen God and that is faith. Believing He is faithful. Hang in there and petition the courts of heaven for His will to be done.

Pray this prayer with me:
Pappa God. We know You are not a man that You should lie. That You are faithful. That You will never leave us nor forsake us. That Your arm is not too short to save. We know it was Your idea to save the world. For You so loved the world that You gave Your only Son! Lord help me to believe in the finished work of the cross. Give me faith to move mountains! Deliver me of unbelief. I want to see Your kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven. Here I am lord. Send me.

From all at Lindy-Ann Beautiful Witness Ministries Bless you and may His face shine upon you!

Arise and shine beautiful one.
It’s time!!!!

Lots of love and fire

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Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Beautiful Witness

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