Axe falls on deodorant ad

A televison commercial that depicts angels falling from heaven for a human wearing Axe deodorant, was offensive and  had to be withdrawn, the Advertising Standards Authority of SA (ASA) ruled this month.

The ruling, which was disclosed to media today, arose out of a consumer complaint by Mr Dawie Theron, who said that as a Christian, he was offended by the advertisement’s suggestion that angels, who are God’s messengers, would fall for a man wearing a certain deodorant.

The ASA upheld Theron’s view and ruled that the advertisement contravened Clause 1 of Section 11 of the Code of Advertising Practice.


  1. Hannetjie Vorster

    Jesus is Lord! Great to see someone willing to stand up for what he believes is sacred. Our God is not to be belittled. Neither are his messengers. Glory to God! And bravo Dawie Theron for setting the example of someone loving his Heavenly Father enough to go public!

  2. Helena Engelbrecht

    Thank you Dawie!!! We salute you! Did anybody say something about the Nando advert? Also not acceptable?

  3. Dankie Dawie dat jy gehoorsaam en ook op en wakker was, dit wys jou net hoe die duiwel verskuil en op n slinkse manier op ons aanval!!

  4. Makwarela Nnditsheni Michael

    Hi AXE, i am an 18 year old boy, currently studying Bachelor of Environmental science at the University of Venda. I would like to create some adverts for you guys that are not offensive at all, and ontop of that, i just thought of a new name for AXE perfume n how the can should look like!! E.g. There is AXE conviction, excite, dark temptation, etc…. So mine would be AXE f…………..s!! If you are interested please notify me, THANX and may you continue doing great fragrances!! God bless