Back to school with Team Impact

[notice]Gateway News joins strong men on visits to PE schools[/notice]

Team Impact at Pearson
Team Impact members, Shawn Harden (left) and Shonn Keels at Pearson High School this morning.

Team Impact tough guys Shonn Keels and Shawn Harden spend a large part of their life going to schools all over the world and they love every minute of it.

And judging by the reaction of students at Pearson High School and Newton Park Technical High this morning, young people love every minute of Team Impact’s visits too. “Awesome!”, “Amazing!”, “Very wise!” were some of the reactions from students after the Pearson visit where the super athlete visitors ripped telephone directories apart, bent steel and presented an inspiring motivational message. At Newton Park Tech most of the school responded to a Gospel presentation by the visitors and an estimated 100 teenagers made a first time commitment to Jesus Christ.

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Team Impact are two weeks into a six week South Africa trip during which they will visit aboout 130 schools. By the end of tomorrow they will have visited 55 schools, including 17 in Port Elizabeth. The 15 super-strong atheletes who make up the muscle department of the United States Based Team Impact ministry, inspire about half a million students every year.

Tearing telephone directory with Team Impact
Siya Lawu of Newton Park Technical High School tries unsuccessfully to rip a telephone directory into two pieces. Afterwards the Team Impact visitors showed how it is done!

Shonn, a world class powerlifter who has been part of  Team Impact since its inception in 2000, said school visits provided a great opportunity to motivate students to attend evening shows at which all of the team members on tour performed spectacular feats of strength and presented the Gospel. About 1 200 people attended the first evening show at Word of Faith Christian Centre last night and more shows are running at 7pm tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday night, and at 9am and 6pm on Sunday. Entrance is free. For more info call 041 399 4400.

Shonn said he especially enjoyed visiting schools in South Africa because students were open to the Gospel and were respectful. He said this was his first visit to Port Elizabeth which he described as a beautiful city with a great sense of faith and expectation.

Shawn, a former professional grid iron player and professional wrestler, has been with Team Impact for a year. He had the attention of everybody at Newton Park Tech this morning when he spoke about how all his success in sport had failed to fill a void in his life that was only filled when he became a follower of  Jesus Christ in 2007.

Team Impact members will be interviewed live in the Kingfisher FM studio between 4 and 5pm on Friday on 103.8 and 107.4. They will perform at the Moffett-on-MainLifestyle Centre near Mr Price Sport on Saturday from 10am till 12noon.


  1. the team of GREAT ATHLETES! Great in strength, character and conviction.

  2. Anika Millhouse

    Very inspiration – godly role models, power-packed with a powerful message of Jesus Christ!