Be informed and vote your values, says Errol Naidoo

In a bid to assist Christian voters make informed decisions at the polls on Wednesday (May 18) Family Policy Institute director Errol Naidoo has asked the major political parties in South Africa to answer seven questions with specific reference to local government issues.

The list of parties polled by Naidoo, and links to their responses (where applicable) is:
African National Congress – ANC
Democratic Alliance – DA
Congress of the People – COPE (No response)
Inkatha Freedom Party – IFP (No response)
United Democratic Movement – UDM
African Christian Democratic Party – ACDP
The Freedom Front Plus – FF+
Christian Democratic Party – CDP

In an election update published today, he urgers voters to prayerfully read the responses by the political parties and then decide which party best represents their values.

“Although the Local Government Elections are considered less important by many voters, the lack of basic service delivery impacts on our daily lives more directly than national politics,” he says in today’s update.

“However, whether you and I cast ballots in the General or Local Elections, our responsibility before God remains the same. Christians are commanded by God to be ‘salt and light’ in society. The vote is just one tool available to Christian citizens to advance righteousness in the nation.

“Voting for a political party is an extension of the Christian citizen’s hopes and aspirations for the nation. If you and I want to see righteous government in SA, we must elect righteous people.

“Many people write to me asking my opinion on which political party they should vote for. My response is always the same. Vote your Values! Vote for the party that best reflects your values.

“The fear of God prohibits me from voting for a political party that will use my endorsement to advance evil in society. It is my responsibility to ensure I entrust my vote to a political party that will not violate my conscience by advocating policies that contradicts God’s laws and principles.

“Your vote will determine the quality of local government and cannot be taken lightly. Christian citizens must not ignore their duty to God and country to effect change in the nation. Please vote on 18 May. But more importantly, vote your values for Godly change in SA.”

One Comment

  1. What if the area and district you are in does not have any political parties that share your values. Here in Ndlambe we only have ANC and DA. I want to vote ACDP. Do I not vote or do I vote for one to make sure there is a more even balance of power?