Beat stress with joy and laughter: The Dynamic Living Programme

seminar 1sue jamesonSue Jameson is a Joy-Activist and Laughter Coach, and is founder of the JOYburg city transformation initiative, and the global Joy Revolution. As an inspirational speaker, she has addressed thousands of people in Southern Africa, ministering in a wide variety of churches, and working with large, medium and small companies.

The Dangers of Stress

From a personal, corporate and national point of view, stress is very costly and very dangerous. According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. More than 75 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

South Africa is by no means immune to this shocking reality. Stress has reached epidemic proportions in our country and our economy loses billions of rand due to sickness and stress. This is a critical situation, with individuals and family structures breaking down, businesses losing a fortune, and a volcano brewing under the surface. It is vital that steps are taken to address and overcome this killer.

The Long-Lasting Benefits of Laughter

Laughter truly is the best medicine, the quickest way to increase your joy and happiness levels – and is actually the antidote to stress. In a nutshell – the chemistry of stress poisons our bodies, affecting us body, soul and spirit. Laughter literally, chemically, proven scientifically, ‘almost instantaneously reduces levels of stress hormones’ (Dr Caroline Leaf, Cognitive Neuroscientist). No jokes… laughter can transform lives, business and the world!

The Dynamic Living Programme (DLP) workshops introduce the transforming power of joy and laughter to combat stress. In the corporate world Jameson does wellness days, stress-busting workshops, seminars and conferences… as well as sessions in other organisations, including schools, colleges, retirement homes and in many other groups.


Experience the Benefits and Pay It Forward

Although the economy is under extreme pressure, this has to be the time to invest in your staff!

Sick leave up 466% since 2000. The economy has lost R55.2 billion due to sickness since 2000. ( – 10 September 2013)

R38.52 billion is the estimated loss to the SA economy in 2013 due to mental health issues. (SA’s sick state of mental health, The Sunday Times – 06 July 2014)

For each DLP session booked for your organisation, you will positively influence the lives of your staff members, improve efficiency and productivity, and will have the opportunity to pay it forward to the staff of an under-resourced school, touching hundreds of lives! The DLP is now impacting not only the educators, but also their families, the learners, and the community.

‘The sessions are an excellent way for staff to de-stress and to learn practical ways of coping with stress in the workplace. This kind of coaching is beneficial.’ HS

‘We received lots of good feedback from our employees about the laughter sessions (at our wellness day). Lisa and I also enjoyed our session, and I had a good laugh with taxis this morning on my way to work!’ JB

‘Sue held a workshop on Laughter Therapy at our school. One could judge by their participation during the workshop that laughter is a therapy. Some confirm that laughter therapy improved their lives at home and in their community.’ Johanna Ramodike, Principal, Siphethu Primary School

Information and bookings

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