Buckle up for 2019 — Year-end message from Chief Justice Mogoeng

Chief Justice Mogoeng. (PHOTO: Mary-Ann Palmer/News 24)

Christians need to take Christmas and the birth of Christ seriously, reconnect with the significance of Christ our Saviour being born, and avail themselves for the Lord’s work in 2019.

This is the message from Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, who was speaking to Gateway News from his home this week in a year-end message to readers.

Listen to recording of Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s year-end message.

Mogoeng says he believes 2019 is going to be a turning point for South Africa, Africa, and the global community and for that to materialise Christians need to appreciate that God can use every available vessel for the greater good of many.

“I believe whatever debate surrounds the 25th as the day on which Christ was born or not born, we owe it to our Saviour to use the 25th, to use this period to remind ourselves of the sacrifice that He became for us to be saved,” says Mogoeng. “For me, it really is a moment for great reflection, not to get trapped in taking for granted what it took for us to be saved, the price.”

“I believe whatever debate surrounds the 25th as the day on which Christ was born or not born, we owe it to our Saviour to use the 25th, to use this period to remind ourselves of the sacrifice that He became for us to be saved.” — Chief Justice Mogoeng

Cutting through the tinsel
Mogoeng says the way to cut through the commercialism of Christmas can be found in the Word.

“Mark 16 stands out as the message that we must reconnect with. Are we winning souls? Are we following up on the lost? Do we still remember what John 15 is about? And are we still as attached — and attached not as equals but as branches to the vine as we ought to be? Is the love that Christ talks about in John 15 practised? Do we individually and collectively practice the love that He has commanded us to practice? Are we as obedient as He has commanded us to be?” asks Mogoeng.

“Remember in John 14 He says those who obey My commandments are the ones who love Me. So it’s basically to come to terms with what it means to be a Christian. To check whether or not we are even sanctified Christians. That way we will be able to separate the chaff from the fundamentals of Christianity that this day, this period is about.”

“I would rather die than compromise on the principles that define what it means to be a child of God” — Chief Justice Mogoeng

Buckle up…
Mogoeng is passionate about the power of God’s Word lived out.

“I would rather die than compromise on the principles that define what it means to be a child of God,” he says.

“We must decide to be hot for the Lord. I think we need to change and when we do God will do the unthinkable. I’ve seen Him do the unthinkable in my life this year. I just couldn’t’ believe it. Just when I thought He has done the best for the year, He took it to a level I could never have imagined. That’s our kind of God. And anybody, anybody can be used by God if only we can throw the selfishness, the greed away and prioritise His Kingdom for real. Not in words, but in every respect.”

The Chief Justice is convinced that the new year, which is also an election year, will bring great changes for South Africans.

“I think with the prayers that are going on and with more prayers that I believe will be made, we must buckle up for the unimaginable to eventuate. We are in for a big surprise, whatever it is, God is involved in it. That’s as far as a Chief Justice can go.”


  1. As a believer I have many times become despondent about our Nation but when I look up I see Jesus the One that changes lives and destinies. As we approach 2019 we need to see God a big God that is able to change this Nation around even if things look impossible, because we serve a God of the impossibilities.

  2. Yes I’m excited what GOD has in store b for us. Let’s work with our HEAVENLY FATHER. Love others until we bleed just as CHRIST had done. Let’s add individuals make the GODLY difference. Born again Christian. Believers let’s unite as one and take up that what THE FATHER has planned for SA.

  3. I quite agree with this message. Next year will be an interesting fortunately we will see people belittling and even kill each other.but I know God will fight the battle for the one He chooses to lead our nation. He is already in the future. We pray for His love and intervention to see us through the coming year. We respect and appreciate you Mr Magoeng.

  4. As a Messianic Jew I celebrate Chistmas although the date is wrong and the origin is pagan! We as born again believers may celebrate, because Yeshua/Jesus WAS born! “The Word became flesh & dwelt among us!” (John 1:14) It is also an opportunity to spread the Good News of salvation!!!

  5. Nothing is impossible for our God. Hallelujah

  6. Well said gives all confedent in the word as per scripture bringing understanding for the furture with love in the name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZERTH AMEN


  8. Stephen Stigling

    Mr Mogoeng you are a beam of light in a veil of darkness that covers the leadership of this country…I salute you for your faith

  9. I am a born again believer. I believe that we are partakers in spreading the good news wherever we go. That God’s will is that ALL be saved if one chooses to receive His free gift.
    When one believes on His amazing work, then one understands that God’s will will be done, and it is for us to pray in line with His will.
    South Africa, our beautiful country, people, beautiful people, with prayer will look up to Him who saves, not to any man… But we must understand as Christians we mst tae God seriously. We CANNOT as believers flaunt the law, mock God in our ways.. which is lawlessness.
    So, we remember our Lord and Saviour almighty God who humbled Himself 2000 years ago took on flesh to die .. the perfect man perfect God.. to save us. Such IS His love for us. Today no longer a carpentor’s son, but He sits on the throne.. on the rhs of The Father in heaven. Revelation describes Him, King of all kings.. ready to come any day, a terrible terrible day, to destroy His enemies.. hence while there is time, repent and humble ones self.. He is coming soon.

  10. Chief Mogoeng God has good intentions about SA,we need to intensify prayer. Let’s pray for our President to hear clearly what God has for our country. I believe God prepared him for this country and God’s plan always prevails. Yes we are in for a big surprise as we buckle up.
    I feel like sitting and watching what is going to unfold. South Africa buckle up,God has good intentions about this country.