Building 429 — We Won’t Be Shaken

BUILDING429Music Review by Matthew Keef


This is pretty decent! This album has been released after a successful previous album which had a record -breaking No1 song, ‘Where I belong’. They have included a live recording of this song as bonus track on this album. Building 429 have hit the shelves with bold lyrics of who we are and why we are here. To quote the front man, Jason Roy, he says of this album: “When asked what we were trying to achieve with this record, we thought back to a plaque on our manager’s desk, ‘What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?’ We felt like that was the perfect mantra of this record,”

They have clearly carried this challenge into their songs. Songs like ‘Wrecking Ball’ & ‘All I’m holding’ sing of our weakness and frailty as man and our struggles with life. Yet, we hold onto God, because ultimately, He is the One who has called us to be His and calls us to live for Him. Sometimes we need to be reminded of these things.

The title track, ‘We will not be shaken’, declares that we are to stand no matter what comes our way! ‘Best and worse’ & ‘Blameless’ sing of God choosing the weak things of this world, making us blameless, for His glory.

This is an uplifting album that stirs up confidence in our God and encourages us to live your lives holding onto Him, knowing who we are in Him, so that we truly know what it means to live well and live to the glory of His name.

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