Call for 21 days prayer and fasting over Marikana


A call has gone out to intercessors, church leaders and members of the body of Christ to unite in 21 days of prayer and fasting from Monday, May 26, for the situation at the platinum mines at Marikana near Rustenburg where a protracted strike is resulting in massive losses for the mines and great financial hardship for mine workers.

“Our ministry has been overwhelmed at the massive response we have had to the call to fast. Thank you to each one who will be participating,” says Janet Bran Hollis of Ruach Ministries on a post on her Facebook Page. She called the fast after she received an alarming vision of a principality operating over the area, threatening to shut down the mine industry in South Africa, causing a ripple of economic destruction and violence in the nation. But she also saw the situation being averted as the body of Christ rises up and takes a united spiritual stand that results in a victorious solution that will amaze the world.

“The Lord showed me clearly that the church should fast for 21 days, congregations gathering together in prayer. I began to see the story of Daniel, when he fasted and the Principality was DETHRONED after 21 days!!!! DANIEL 10:1-14 I propose that however you as a leader would like to lead your congregation or ministry, that your members get together for corporate prayer and begin to pray. I propose that the fast start on Monday 26th May, in order that you may prepare your congregations this weekend,” says Hollis in her call.

She urges Christians to share the call with church leaders, intercessors, prophets and all concerned “that we may stand together as one”.

For more information, please contact Janet Brann Hollis on her facebook page or the Ruach Ministeries website.


  1. I agree as it’s time for the “Deborah’s”, “Barak’s” and the “Jael’s” to be repositioned to bring breakthrough for our nation SA.