Call for prayer after visions of God’s judging Parliament, City of Johannesburg

City of Johannesburg Council Chamber (PHOTO: The Heritage Register)

By Janet Brann-Hollis, SA Back to God

A month ago, while leading my early morning SA Back to God prayer meetings, God gave me an incredible vision of the City of Johannesburg, local governing structures.  As we. Know the city has been under much turmoil and local councillors have had to vacate their seats.

I began to hear God say:  “I am going to shake this city, shake its governing structures.”

As I continued to pray, I felt the hand and a very strong presence of God come over me.

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I then began to witness the change of office of mayor.

On Wednesday morning on the same prayer meeting, we were praying for God’s purposes for the City of Cape Town.  I started praying for Parliament.  Suddenly I had a very strong vision of Parliament in session.  The winds of God were released against Parliament, its people, and its structures.  Again, I felt an incredibly strong anger arise out of my spirit, as the Spirit of God arose in me, something I cannot explain in natural. I saw the Lord’s cup was overflowing with wrath.

Decisions against Israel in the City of Johannesburg and in the Cape Town Parliament have been made and God is saying it is now time for His Judgements to be released.

I would encourage every believer to pray into these events as God is shaking our government and we are in the beginning of a purging.  Events in the nation will continue to worsen, but God is saying:  “Know this, My hand is on this nation and I am requiring the Church to take hands together for the future of SA. Do not fear but discern what I am doing at this time.”

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  1. Johan de Kock

    We cannot always pray to avert God’s judgments. If an unholy government keeps on hardening their hearts, they bring judgment on themselves. This government, on all levels are really asking for judgment. Sometimes it must be.

  2. What God of love does this sort of thing.? The God I follow is not angry and vengeful. We ourselves even are capable of being better than that. And what comments about Israel are at issue?