Called for a time such as this!

Defending family, faith and freedom

SA’s 5th Democratic Elections was a relatively peaceful event. Voting patterns were mainly along racial lines. The majority of blacks voted ANC while whites, coloured’s and Indians mainly voted DA.

The ANC’s support is declining while the DA appears to be growing with each General Election.

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Some smaller parties managed to hold on to their few seats. Others were wiped out. Christian voters showed little support for the ACDP who barely retained their three Parliamentary seats.

A quick analysis of Christian voting patterns seem to indicate that Biblical convictions and values are not the primary motivating factor. Christian voters appear to follow racial voting fault lines.

Significantly, almost 85 percent of the SA Electorate – including millions of Church-going Christians — voted for political parties who unashamedly represent a liberal secular-humanistic ideology.

I am not sure if there are precedents in other parts of the world where a predominantly religious society consistently votes against its values by voting in liberal secularists to govern them.

The sad reality is that both the ANC and DA will interpret their positive results at the polls as a clear mandate from the electorate to continue advancing their anti-family and socialist agenda.

With the support of millions of Christian voters, the ruling party will advance and implement UN inspired legislation that will undermine the religious rights and freedoms of Christian citizens.

With the support of millions of Christian voters, the ruling party will implement “hate crimes” laws that will not only silence Christians but criminalise the Scriptures condemning sexual sin.

Millions of Christians in the US voted for Barack Obama because he claimed to be a Christian. They re-elected him four years later even though he boldly supported same-sex “marriage”.

Today Obama is the world’s most influential proponent of abortion-on-demand and special rights and privileges for homosexuals. In addition, the Obama administration has used various State organs to harass, intimidate and persecute Christian ministries for supporting traditional marriage.

Christians in the US have been hounded out of their jobs, had their businesses destroyed, ostracised by colleagues and demonised by the liberal media simply for having Biblical views.

Remarkably, Christianity’s decline in the US is aided and abetted by Christians. The startling erosion of religious speech and freedoms in America was made possible by Church-going Christians.

Tragically, what Bible-believing Christians are enduring today in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” is already a reality in the Democratic New South Africa.

Like their US counterparts, South African Christians chose to vote their fears and not their values. The blatant anti-Christian and anti-family political parties they have elected into power will no doubt use the mandate they were given to advance their godless ideology in SA.

However, Family Policy Institute was established for a time such as this. We will continue to defend the natural family and uncompromisingly advance Biblical values in Parliament, the media and society.

Choose you this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my house – we will serve the Lord!


  1. It is very sad but not unexpected. There is a lot of work to be done.

  2. Thank God for people like Errol! I mentioned in a former post – The reason people feel the need to conform is a complex one but not one that can’t be changed.
    My perception is that our Christian parties simply don’t make enough “Noise” in the playing field/public square to warrant more support.
    I feel Christian leaders need to be bolder and more engaging and that people like Errol and myself need to come up with strategies to rally that majority Christian support.
    The ANC doesn’t need opposition and our country doesn’t need the ANC – What it needs is God.

  3. I have to agree with Tulsa unfortunately. It seemed to me as if the ACDP were absolutely quiet coming up to the elections.

  4. Keep up the good work brother, God will reward you in due time. Current Christian parties and leaders need to be more engaging and work smarter in ensuring that the Christian view point is heard by the Christian masses. Also, there is a strong need for those parties that claim allegiance to Christ Jesus to work towards establishing one credible Christian prophetic voice. Selfishness will lead us Christians nowhere. However, we must never be discouraged but continue to pray unceasingly. May God richly bless you brother. Pst Hlengani Chauke

  5. Well said Errol, thank you. I have now forward parts of your article to my children, because you put in words what I couldn’t. God bless you

  6. Thank you, Errol, for your clear analysis on the political landscape in South Africa. Bible-believing Christians should not be surprised at the intentions of the marxist ANC. But the DA has also been a disappointment: persecuting anti-abortion campaigners in Cape Town and trying to regulate home-schooling in the Western Cape. Christian voters have been naïve and have allowed themselves to be deceived by liberal secular humanists.
    Unfortunately, many Church-going Christians today are so weak on doctrine, so filled with antinomian theology that they can’t see the liberal political agenda for what it is.
    Many Churches today have to go back to basics and remind their congregations of what the Bible actually says about, inter alia, divorce, sex, the family, relationships and money. When confronted, many Church-going Christians will not endure this (2 Tim 4:3). They will probably be offended by the ‘harsh sayings’ (see John 6:60-66), they will refuse to understand and will turn away from the faith.