Cape Town churches uniting for youth prayer, worship event

More than 1 500 churches in the city have come together to unite the body of Christ and to impact the city of Cape Town and bring about peace.

A special prayer and worship event will be held on Sunday November 11 2018 at the Grand Parade in the CBD in Cape Town.

The YTA Unite movement has been integral in hosting events like this in the Mother City over the past five years, to unite the youth and to encourage them to build a relationship with God. By building a relationship with God, the negative tide can be turned positive.

“We want to bring a message of hope to the city. We need God to visit our city,” said Kyle Driver, the founder of Youth Transformation Africa, a non-denominational non-profit organisation.

This as crime statistics have shown an increase and communities on the Cape Flats are living in fear because of the hold of gangsters and the impact of drugs on society.

Standing together in unity
“We need to stand together in unity. We need to get positivity back into our lives and get the negativity out,” says Driver.

The hosting of the event at the Grand Parade has historical significance. Former president Nelson Mandela went to the Grand Parade, shortly after his release from Robben Island and addressed the people of South Africa there as a free man, in the new South Africa.

“We need to heal the city. We need to heal the nation. We need people to come together for this purpose. See this, as a last reprieve for our city,” says Driver as he invited spiritual leaders and pastors to attend the event and come together in prayer, for the city and the nation.

“It really is a God thing,” he said.

Driver added, that they will be praying into different sectors like the Media, Business and other sectors. The church will work together, to heal the city.

Event details
So far, 18 000 registrations have been received on the Quicket website, by people registering to attend the free event.

Jonathan Rubain and Heinz Winckler will be performing. Dr Jerome Swartz and Driver will deliver testimonies on the stage during the day.

The event starts at 2pm and ends at 6pm although the official programme only kicks off at 3pm, until 5pm.

There will be praise and worship, prayer, a reading from the Word of God and more worship to end off the afternoon.

Youth Transformation Africa is a non-denominational organisation aimed at transforming the lives of the youth by the power of the Holy Spirit, and to impact their lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It also aims to facilitate spiritual transformation in the province and to foster unity among churches.

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  1. This is an amazing iniative amongst the leadership and churches to support one another as on the day of Pentecost. and being in one accord, so the Power of God can be demonstrated in the City. Acts 2

    We will be praying for an unprecendated outpouring of the Glory of God with signs wonders and it will be noised abroad with special and notable miracles. *Churches will filled with hungry people
    *Sinners will be saved
    *Backsliders will be restored
    *The sick will be healed.
    *The captives will be delivered
    *The addicted will be set free.

    Cape Town shall be saved.

  2. Praise God .Praying for this event its the catalyst for our country revival,

  3. Ps. Derek, How i stand in agreement with all you have said. This is wonderful and may the Lord be blessed as He sees His children come together as one.