Cape Town SPAR putting Christ squarely back into Christmas

Irene Enslin, co-owner of the Uitzicht SPAR, in front of one example of signage around the store that boldly proclaims scripture. (PHOTO: Kaylynne Bantom)

A SPAR store in Cape Town has been getting a lot of reaction this week to its two large banners and other signage proclaiming Christ as the true reason for Christmas, reports Kaylynne Bantom of Tygerberg 104 FM.

Reminders, such as this, of the reason for celebrating Christmas have been placed around the store. (PHOTO: Kaylynne Bantom) Click here for enlarged image

“At the end of the day I believe we must proclaim the birth of Christ to really understand His death,” said Irene Enslin, co-owner of the Uitzicht SPAR.

Other displays proclaim to shoppers who Jesus is. (PHOTO: Kaylynne Bantom) Click here for enlarged image

SPAR stores are independently owned and store owners respect each others’ right to do what they choose to do. They were personally convicted to be open about their attitude towards Jesus and Christmas, she said.

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A reminder that Jesus is the focus of Christmas. (PHOTO: Kaylynne Bantom) Click here for enlarged image

The news of Uitzicht SPAR’S bold witness to Jesus Christ follows a recent report in Gateway News of a move of God at the Levyvale SUPERSPAR in Uitenhage where most of the staff are participating in a Christian discipling programme and an in-store worship team is ministering in early morning prayer meetings. The store is also planning to host a week of carols in the store carpark leading up to Christmas.

Signage outside of the store that boldly declares God’s love for the world. (PHOTO: Kaylynne Bantom) Click here for enlarged image


  1. Wonderlik ek wens Spar oral in die land wil hul voorbeeld volg!

  2. So glad to see the true reason for Christmas so boldly proclaimed.

  3. Prys die Here. Maar : Het “Irene Enslin”, “Uitzicht” en “Spar” uitsluitend Engels geword? In Kaapstad-Noord?

    • The Bible references are included. I’m sure those who don’t understand English could look up the verses. It may look cumbersome to repeat the verses in all 3 languages of the Western Cape.

      • Nee. Ek sê weer : Kyk na die foto’s : Alles Engels in ‘n hoofsaaklik Afrikaanse omgewing. Dit is anti-evangelies.

  4. Suzette van Rooyen

    Praise the Lord for people who are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We commend you. We should start supporting stores like this. May you have a record turnover this month. Come on Christians in that area, support this store.

  5. Wat n wonderlike berig in die tye waarin ons leef. Mag die Here jul in oorvloed seen omdat jul Jesus Bo mammon kies.

  6. Lovely to see! PTL! Oh so special to see a brave stand – it is not just a “festive season,” – We need to remember the “reason for the season!” ~ Loof die Here!

  7. Wonderlik,veral in hierdie dae van sogenaamde “polities korrek” en bang wees vir “aanstoot” of, Ons mag dalk klante verloor…Nerens in die winkels of sentrums hoor jy enige betreurenswaardig..Mag die Here wie se geboorte herdenk word, julle ryklik seen!!! Amen…

  8. Prys die Here. Maar kyk na die foto’s : Alles Engels in ‘n hoofsaaklik Afrikaanse omgewing. Dit is anti-evangelies.

  9. Enslin, the Lord will keep you and blesa, His face will shine upon you. That is the boldness to preach the gospel of Christ. That is what we see in the book of Acts. The Lord is rejoicing over your life my dear is time for the later rain.

  10. Baie dankie. Die Here is ons Verlosser. Mag julle geseënd wees.