Carol is ready to open healing rooms anywhere in SA

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The woman in the centre for 2 weeks could not feel her baby kicking, and presumed it was dead. She was prayed for and suddenly she jumped up as the baby started kicking again. This is just one of many healing miracles that Carol Campbell has witnessed during her years in healing ministry. Her current mission is to start healing rooms all over South Africa.
She shared amazing healing testimonies, but she wanted one of her own
Carol Campbell
Carol Campbell, the Director for South Africa and National Advisor for Africa of the IAHR (International Association of Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington).

Carol Campbell has seen blind eyes and deaf ears open, the mute speak, tumours disappear, the lame walk, HIV Aids healed and emotional bondages broken.

But for all the amazing testimonies of healing that she regularly shared on healing room teaching trips around the world, she did not have a testimony of her own.

And so last year she asked God for her own testimony.

“He knows me and knew that I meant something hectic, not like a broken leg,” says the Director for South Africa and National Advisor for Africa of the IAHR (International Association of Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington) who is available to help open healing rooms anywhere in South Africa (See her website

“I like to think I live Psalm 91 — ‘He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Surely He shall deliver from the snare of the fowler, No evil shall befall you for He shall give His angels charge over you.’ I believe this so much and trusted Him so much that I put my life in His hands. I wanted to give Him glory,” explains Carol about her unusual request to God.

And now she has a testimony of her own.

She shares: “I have been cycling for over 30 years and was training for my 22nd Argus last year, a week before the race. I am passionate about that race and never skip a year. While cycling up a hill I had a blackout and fell off my bike and was found lying in the grass next to the road. I knew nothing about this. God sent an angel who found me, detected that I had no heartbeat and phoned for an ambulance. The paramedics got my heart beating, put me on oxygen and rushed me to casualty where I had an ECG and was put on a drip. God was with me all the way as He sent an inexperienced doctor to me who did an ECG and pronounced me fit to do the Argus the next week! I had a good ride.

Carol has been an avid cyclist for 30 years. Her own healing testimony began after she blacked out last year while training for her 22nd Cape Town (formerly Argus) Cycle Tour.

“Three months later, in exactly the same place on the hill my heart stopped again and I fell into the grass. God again sent an angel driving past who decided to stop. They found me without a pulse and phoned the ambulance. The paramedics did CPR to resuscitate me and broke a rib in the process. My heart stopped again in the ambulance and they revived me again. I was rushed to theatre where my heart stopped a third time that day and the doctor informed my husband that I would not make it, BUT they did not know Whose I am and that God and I had a plan and that His angels had charge over me. The problem was that my heart went into fibrillation which prevented blood from flowing to my brain, causing the blackout.

“I spent a week in ICU, but cannot recall anything that happened there.They inserted an ICD, invertable cardioverter defibrolator, which would prevent the fibrillation.

A walking miracle
“A few months later I visited a cardiologist in Cape Town, who specialises in arrhythmia, the fibrillation of the heart, and I had two stents fitted as there was a narrowing in the arteries. My doctor said I am a walking miracle as 80% of people who have out-of-hospital cardiac arrest don’t make it and if they do survive most of them have brain damage! I have no brain damage. In February I went for stress test and my doctor announced that many 30 year olds could not do what I did and for the length of time I did, so I give God all the glory and praise!”

Carol says her adventure in healing ministry goes back about 15 years.She was mentored by Maureen Onions, a South African international preacher “who was used mightily in healing and who raised the dead”. She says her husband, Henry, is very supportive of her ministry. They currently live in East London but are relocating to Cape
Town. She is also a mother to two daughters and a granny to two little boys.

She says she has travelled extensively to receive impartation from today’s “generals” and to learn about healing. She has been on two healing Crusades in the north east of India, four of Randy Clarke’s Schools of Healing and Impartation, and mission trip with Randy Clarke to Brazil in 2010. After she met Heidi Baker in Toronto in
2008 God did something to her heart and she knew she had to got to Mozambique. In 2009 she went with Clarke and David Hogan to Heidi Baker’s Iris Ministries in Pemba, Mozambique “and was anointed by all the pastors who raised the dead”.

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This photo was taken two weeks ago when Carol did a Healing service at God Adventure Church, East London Ayanda Mngomezulu (centre), could not stand or walk when he arrived at the church, but God healed him sovereignly during the service. He was showing us how he could take small steps, says Carol. Pastor Corné Pretorius is in the right of the picture.

She underwent healing room training at the international headquarters of IAHR at Spokane but at the time she did not think healing rooms would be her ministry. But later, while fasting, she heard the Lord say she should open healing rooms.

“I responded immediately and God downloaded the blueprint to me of the healing room layout in my church [God Adventure, East London].The Quigney Healing Room was birthed and soon after that I opened a healing rooms at a rubbish dump — Stoney Drift Healing Room, also in East London, which has been a huge blessing. It is not a squatter camp, which is usually fairly organised with electricity etc. This is a rubbish dump where people have erected shacks out of scraps of any material they can lay their hands on and God has done amazing healings there.”

Explaining her ministry with IAHR Carol says there are 3 100 healing rooms in 75 countries with 50 000 people praying in healing rooms. She does training to set up healing rooms in South Africa and coordinates healing rooms on the African continent where she also does training on request. To date she has done training and opened healing rooms in France, Turkey, Gabon, Uganda and South Africa.

“I love Africa and have seen witchdoctors bend their knee to the power and authority of the name of Jesus. I have a righteous anger for pain and infirmities and yearn to see people being touched and transformed by a loving Father. I would like to see many healing rooms established in every city and town,” she says.

How to contact Carol
Carol says she is available to offer healing room training anywhere in South Africa. She usually does the training on a Saturday from 9am until approximately 3pm. The training is free. She requires help with an air ticket and accommodation. She can be contacted by email at or via her website at

“My vision is to impart the atmosphere of heaven to the healing rooms wherever I go, where love, fun and God’s presence are the keys to healing. My heart is for all to internalise the simplicity of the Gospel and to know who they are and Whose they are and that they have a loving Father who wants the best for His children. I wish to create an awareness of our loving Father Who wants you healed far more that you want to be healed, but He says you don’t have because you don’t ask. Healing Rooms is a place where you can go and ask.”

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Prayer Servants praying for guests in the “Swimming Pool Healing Rooms” in Gabon.

I asked Carol to mention a few of the standout healings that she has witnessed. She responded: This is a difficult one as I have seen so much.”

However she shared the following testimonies:

“1.  In 2013 I did training and opened Healing Room in Nantes, France.  The first night of HR a man came for prayed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, an autoimmune disease causing paralysis. He could hardly walk, was sleeping 16 hours a day and could not work. We asked God to re-wire his brain and within no time he was feeling heat and jumped up to test his legs.  He started running up and down the stairs.  He mailed us 4 days later to say that he was 100% healed.

“2.  In Uganda a baby was brought for prayer who had a severely deformed leg 5cm shorter than the other.  God lengthened the leg and it grew out to be completely normal.  That resulted in the father coming to church.  The healing was verified by their doctor.

“3.  I have seen a huge cancerous tumour, protruding out of the forehead, just disappear under someone’s hand.

“4.  I have seen the lame walk. In India a man of about 30 who had never walked, got up on his wobbly legs and walked.

“5. In France we visited a very angry man in hospital with Aids, meningitis and depression.  He was just loved on and told how much God loved him. Four days later he walked out of hospital, healed.

6. Nolan, a man of 55 came to the HR for prayer with life-long diabetes. He was prayed for and the next day did not feel well.  He went to his doctor who did tests.  To his amazement he saw that there was not a trace of diabetes.”


  1. One of the most special ladies I have met. It is such an honour to have been mentored by Carol!

  2. Sonia Odendaal

    You go girl, woman of the most high God! All honour and praise be to God our Healer! We will be sorry to see you leave East London for Cape Town.

  3. Carol, a very dear friend, whose ministry has impacted my life in an ongoing way, even though we live miles apart! She prayed for my husband who was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and would have had to have emergency surgery to save his life. Carol was on the phone to me and I laid hands on his stomach, felt the warmth of Jesus through my arm, and the ulcer closed up – much to the amazement of the specialist, who luckily took an x-ray before the op. Praise God!

  4. dear Carol,
    Your testimony is awesome..PapaGod is So faithful . We’d love you to put another trip here on your burner….Both you a Debbie are welcome anytime!!
    now in Tangier at the HOP there…and a HR training would be wonderful for all workers..N to S. AndE to W.. Bethel teams came prepare the way

  5. Melanie Van vreden

    The most humble -both servant and daughter of our Lord!You are inspirational to us little old “me,s”that nothing is impossible with God.I pray that God continues to open doors for you and use you to love on the broken hearted and bring them into His Kingdom.I also pray that your paths always lead back to East London.We love you tons Mama Carol !!
    Joe , Mel, Chanel & Josh the conquerer .

  6. Oh what a blessing you are to all who have the honour and privilege of knowing you. Carol, you are an inspiration to all. Your love for His Kingdom is powerful in it’s own. May The Lord bless many with healings and miracles through the ministry that has been a gift to you. Thank you for been part of our ministry and loving on us the way you do. We love you. Thinus and Dawn

  7. Julliette Odhiambo

    Carol, you were a huge blessing to our church in Istanbul, Turkey. You were an even greater blessing to my family and we talk about your visit a lot. We love you ! May the Lord extend your territories and use you even more mightily in Jesus Name!

  8. Thank you God and you go Carol. Healing Rooms is a testimony based ministry, have we a place to post these?

  9. Fiona Bodenstein

    I received the most amazing anointing last night. What an honour and a privilege to meet such a Woman of God.

  10. Wow, it would be so awesome to have Carol visit Pretoria. I would certainly go to one of her meetings!! Please come! Lots of needs here xx

  11. Healing for my eyelids after a bad eyelid surgery. Cant closed my eyes

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