Catch-up with Cape-to-Musina cross walkers

David Smith bears the cross for a stretch of the long road from Cape Town to Musina

Recently I caught up with Anthony Minter one of five men from East London who are wheeling a heavy wooden cross 2 000km from Cape Town to Musina to bring revival and spread a message of hope in Jesus.

They had walked 540km when I spoke to Anthony who rides his motorbike ahead of the walkers Reini Coetzee (the visionary of the mission and founder of Revelation Ministries, Sivenkosi Mjoli, David Smith and Daniel Minter.

He said they covered 30 to 40 km a day on cool days and 20 to 25 km on hot days, often starting at 6am and walking until around 1pm when they rested and found a place to spend the night before finishing the day’s walk.

They preach Jesus as King along the way, stand against farm murders, gender-based violence and racism — and they stop to minister wherever the Lord leads them.

Anthony said they had experienced God’s provision in incredible ways. One day when he went ahead of the cross to seek lodging for the night he found a farm where he hoped they could get permission to camp overnight. Just then, two workers were dropped off, and he asked to speak to the owner. As they were talking, the farmer arrived and after Anthony told him about their mission and he gave them permission to return later to camp on his property. 

After completing the day’s walk, the team went to the farm and found that the owner had provided them with a game lodge instead of a camping spot. And his wife brought them good food to braai and enjoy. People were often moved to provide free lodging and meals for the team, he said. 

During their time in Worcester, Anthony said a manageress at a guest house asked for healing prayer for her kidney condition. He discerned that her ring, which had a pentagram on it, was blocking her healing. After he explained the ring’s occult symbolism, she asked him to destroy it.

At Beaufort West, as Anthony and the team were ministering outside a creche, a man who was on his way to exchange his empty beer bottles was enraptured by the Word being spoken. He stood still, glued to the spot, holding his wheelbarrow of empties. It was the day his life changed and he was filled with new wine as he gave his heart to the Lord, Anthony said.

The trip has not been without its humorous moments. One day, as the team was in a car driving up the Swartberg Pass on a narrow dirt road, it became eerily quiet. With the passengers looking down the sheer drop, heart rates increased and no-one spoke up, as no-one wanted to voice their concern. It certainly seemed like a roller-coaster ride where no-one admits wanting to get off, but everyone does if only someone would say something, said Anthony. Needless to say, they took the long route back, past garlic fields and olive groves rather than risking the narrow track again.     

At the time of my interview — October 19 — the men were in Three Sisters, taking a much-needed rest for their bodies and souls. Anthony said they have met the beauty of God on many occasions and encountered His creation in real ways, bringing healing, hope and salvation, as well as the forgiveness of sins.

As they took the Gospel message along the highways and byways of the nation, different people pitched up to carry the cross for a while, so experiencing a connection to God’s love in a very tangible way. 

From truckers to children, police, and mayors, God’s love was being carried on the shoulders of people as a testimony “that there is hope for our land and His name is Jesus”, said Anthony.

The team can be contacted by calling Revelation Ministries at +76 756 9003

You can also keep up to date with their journey on their Facebook page

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