Middle East

Covid-19 adds to suffering of persecuted Church

Covid-19 has considerably changed daily life for most people in most countries around the world. This worldwide crisis, however, has a devastating influence on the persecuted Church and Christians in countries closed to the Gospel. Open Doors, an international organisation, aiming to support and strengthen persecuted Christians in more than […]

Iranian Christian human rights leader sentenced to flogging and prison

Iranian Christian human rights activist Mary Fatima Mohammadi (PHOTO: International Christian Concern) Originally published in International Christian Concern. International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on April 21, Christian human rights activist Mary Fatima Mohammadi received a suspended prison sentence of three months by the Iranian government. The sentence included […]

Israel to go under strict lockdown during Passover

Originally published in CBN News Israeli authorities will enforce a strict curfew starting on Wednesday as families across the nation huddle in their homes for a quiet, isolated Passover. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the new restrictions, including a curfew, in an address Monday evening. “On Wednesday, before the Passover […]

Christians in Iran proclaim testimonies on satellite TV

Originally published in Urban Christian News An interactive satellite television programme called Signal is giving a voice to persecuted Christians in Iran. “For quite some time before we started producing and broadcasting the programme, we were always trying to find a unique approach for the Christians, especially those residing inside […]

Iran’s supreme leader approves sentencing of Christian pastor without court hearing

Originally published in Persecution.org Pastor Matthias Hagnejad found that his five-year prison sentence was upheld after Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamanei, gave the judges reviewing his verdict special permission to bypass court procedures. The sentence was issued after he had been convicted for “acting against national security”. Pastor Matthias was […]