China installs surveillance cameras in churches to monitor Christians

  By Michael Foust — Originally published in Christian Headlines China’s Orwellian-like network of surveillance cameras now includes churches. Most churches within the Protestant Three-Self Patriotic Movement in one major Chinese city, Huai’an, have government-mandated surveillance cameras that allow the communist government to monitor the congregation’s every move, Bitter Winter […]

Chinese police beat 60 Christians, close Church, bury bibles

Originally Published in Christian Headlines More than 100 Chinese police officers and SWAT team members closed a newly constructed church and beat dozens of Christians who were guarding it, and then buried Bibles and hymnbooks before leaving. The incident in Henan – China’s third largest province – took place in […]

Hindu push in Nepal reminiscent of India extremism

Originally published in Mission Network News A group in Nepal is calling for the nation to once again return to a Hindu state. The pro-Hindu Rastriya Prajatantra Party recently launched an initiative in each province to push its pro-Hindu agenda in the country. Currently, Nepal is a secular republic, but […]