China’s plans to change face of Christianity worldwide

Originally published in God Stories Pastors of the Three-Self Church have understood for several years what a “Sinicized” religion is. “Sinicization” does not mean adopting a Chinese style, language, and aesthetics (in fact, the CCP is “Sinicizing” even a quintessential Chinese religion such as Taoism). It means adopting the style, language, and ideology of the CCP. […]

Manipur, India: Hindu extremists committing “genocide” against Christians in tribal conflict, Christian leader says

Originally published in Worthy Christian News Amid the ongoing deadly and destructive tribal conflict in India’s Manipur state, a local Christian leader has pleaded for help saying Hindu extremist members of the Meitei tribe are committing “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” against Christians from the Kuki and Zo tribes, International Christian […]

Christian outcry at “gruesome” violence in India

Originally published in Christian Today Christians in India are urging the government to speak out after dozens were killed in ethno-religious violence and thousands more forced to flee their homes. Most of the victims of the violence in Manipur are reported to come from minority tribes, including the largely Christian […]

Papua New Guinea to open embassy in Jerusalem

Originally published in CBN News Papua New Guinea’s foreign minister Justin Tkachenko confirmed to Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen last Sunday that his nation will open an embassy in Jerusalem. That would make the South Sea island nation only the fifth to establish an embassy in Israel’s capital since President […]