Middle East

Why Abbas cannot recognize Israel as a Jewish state

By David Meir-Levi  — originally published in FrontPage Magazine Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demands that the Palestinian Authority recognize Israel as a “Jewish State.”  The Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmud Abbas refuses.  Netanyahu demands again and Abbas refuses.  Netanyahu tells the US Congress that if only Abbas would recognize Israel […]

ICC issues arrest warrant for Gadhafi

Originally published in Urban Christian News International judges ordered the arrest of Moammar Gadhafi today for allegedly murdering Libyan civilians who rose up against him, as NATO warplanes pounded his Tripoli compound and world leaders stepped up calls for the Libyan leader to   The International Criminal Court said Gadhafi, […]

New Al-Qaeda leader: No compromise on Palestine

Originally published in ynetnews.com   After naming Osama bin Laden’s long-serving number two, Egyptian-born Ayman al-Zawahri, Al-Qaeda’s new leader, the terror group said it “will never recognize any legitimacy for the alleged state of Israel.” “We assure our people in Palestine that we will not accept any compromise with anyone […]

Palestinians will ask UN to recognise statehood

Originally published in Financial Times  (June 16 2011) – via Worthy News The Palestinians will call on the UN in September to recognise an independent state in the West Bank, East Jersualem and Gaza Strip “under any circumstances”, even if peace talks with Israel can be revived, a senior Palestinian […]