Middle East

Netanyahu: Palestinians must accept Jewish state

Originally published in CBN.com Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Palestinians to be “genuinely committed” to peace and democracy, starting foremost with the public acceptance of a Jewish state. Speaking before the United States Congress Tuesday, Netanyahu said the benefits of peace have always been clear, but that leaders […]

Obama “clarifies” 1967 Israel border demands

Originally published in CBN.com Speaking to America’s largest pro-Israel lobby Sunday, President Barack Obama backpedaled to clarify his support of Israel returning to its 1967 borders. Criticism of the administration’s policy on Israel has grown following Obama’s May 19 endorsement of a two-state peace solution with Palestinians based on Israel’s […]

Americans to Israel: Don’t listen to Obama

By Bob Unruh – Originally published in World Network Daily Leaders across America whose organizations represent literally millions of people have told the nation of Israel, much like the wizard told Dorothy in Oz, “don’t listen to that man behind the curtain,” or in the current case, don’t listen to […]

Egyptian Christians: We’re under siege

By Michael Carl – Originally published in WorldNetDaily An Egyptian human rights activist says the Coptic Christian community in his country is under siege by the Muslim majority since Barack Obama abandoned President Hosni Mubarak, his regime collapsed and the Muslim Brotherhood’s integration into power began. Reports document attacks by […]

Analysis of Fatah-Hamas unity deal

By Mark Y. Rosenberg – Originally published (on May 14) in the Jerusalem Post [notice]To take full advantage of the Fatah-Hamas unity deal, Netanyahu must reiterate that Israel is willing to make peace with any state or authority that will accept its existence.[/notice] “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to […]