Christian leaders speak out against victimisation of “expelled” UCT student leader

Zizipho Pae (PHOTO: Student Weekly)
Call for protection of religious freedom

Christian leaders in Cape Town today expressed deep concern at the “unacceptable level of vitriol and animosity” levelled against University of Cape Town SRC Vice President, Zizipho Pae who was “expelled” from the SRC on Tuesday (July 21, 2015) in a reportedly chaotic and unconstitutional SRC meeting that was hijacked by homosexual activists.


Zizipho Pae rejects ‘expulsion’, calls on UCT to take action

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The conduct and outcome of Tuesday’s meeting to discuss Pae’s personal Facebook statement about the recent legalisation of same sex marriage in the United States “was evidently unconstitutional and demonstrated a total disregard for due process, with the President of the UCT SRC adjourning the meeting and walking out having lost control of the proceedings to LGBT+ activists”, says His People and Every Nation Curches (South Africa) in a statement which has been wholeheartedly endorsd by the Executive Committee of the Consultation of Christian Churches [Cape Town], Transformation Africa and Freedom of Religion South Africa.

“An illegitimate motion was subsequently passed by the remainder of the SRC to remove Zizipho from office.  This is not only a violation of the rights of Zizipho to a proper disciplinary hearing but also a violation of  the UCT SRC’s own Constitution with reference to Article 2.3 (Termination of membership)* which states that a SRC member can only be dismissed if he/she has received two separate motions of censure arising by being found guilty of a serious offence in the University’s disciplinary structures.  It would seem that the demand for tolerance is very one sided,” says the statement.

Pae’s Facebook post on June 28 which sparked the ongoing furore says:”We are institutionalizing and normalizing sin. May God have mercy on us”.

Freedom of choice
Addressing the homosexual activists aggressive response to Pae’s comment, the church leaders statement says: “We equally realise that we live in an age where many people do not agree with what the Bible says about many moral issues such as adultery, homosexuality and sex before marriage. We also realise that freedom of choice is something God has given to each individual and should be respected unless one’s choices or actions infringe upon the rights of others.  We therefore respect the rights of members of the LGBT+ community to choose their own lifestyles. We distance ourselves from any hate speech, unfair discrimination or incitement to violence against any members of the LGBT+ community.  Whether or not we agree with a person’s choices, behaviour or views, is not the issue.  We respect their right to choose for themselves. We are also committed to accept, respect and demonstrate unconditional love to all people irrespective of their lifestyle choices. We are committed to do whatever we can to show all people the value, worth and human dignity that they inherently deserve as instructed by the Bible and protected by the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.

“However, when Zizipho’s Facebook comment is examined in a rational light it is evident that she — like countless thousands of other people worldwide — was simply expressing an opinion on the recent majority US Supreme Court decision that granted the right to same sex marriages, based upon the sincere conviction of her Christian faith.  It may have been unwise or naive of her to think that this was a private opinion when she is a public office bearer. It is also clear that the opinion she expressed is contrary to politically correct thinking and that it would not be well received by LGBT+ activists.  However, the remark can in no way be construed as ‘hate speech’ — although by contrast, the level of unrelenting vilification, harassment, abuse and intimidation that she has been subjected to by her critics, most certainly can.  She has been referred to as an ‘idiot’, a ‘homophobe’ and an ‘ignorant bitch’ and the office she shares in campus with a fellow worker has been broken into and vandalised.

“The Constitution of South Africa protects the right of a citizen to freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience in the same way that it protects their right to choose their sexual preference, orientation and identity.  Yet it would seem that there is a growing and militant trend to suppress any voice or opinion that might even vaguely be construed to offend the latter while zero consideration is given to the former.  The Honourable Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke stated ‘in our constitutional democracy the constitution is supreme and there is no hierarchy of rights. All rank equally. We all have the right to be different.’  Section 15 states ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion” which is only limited by Section 16 if there is “an incitement of imminent violence; or advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.’  Zizipho’s statement should therefore be protected by our Constitution because it is a legitimate expression of her right to express her religious belief and opinion and does not violate the rights of others.

“Since the current furore has been sparked by a comment on the recent majority US Supreme Court decision that granted the right to same sex marriages, it is significant and pertinent to note that this judgement also included a passage requiring that the same freedom of conscience and belief of those who may not agree with the decision be respected: ‘Finally, it must be emphasised that religions, and those who adhere to religious doctrines, may continue to advocate with utmost, sincere conviction that, by divine precepts, same-sex marriage should not be condoned. The First Amendment ensures that religious organisations and persons are given proper protection as they seek to teach the principles that are so fulfilling and so central to their lives and faiths, and to their own deep aspirations to continue the family structure they have long revered.’

Constitutional democracy
“This is the essence of a constitutional democracy, where the rights of all are respected and upheld.  As a movement of churches and as Christians, we are committed to preaching and teaching the truths of the Holy Bible, which we believe is divinely authored and as such is not subject to human censorship. While all that we do must be based in the selfless and sacrificial love of Christ for all mankind, we would be failing in our mandate and responsibility if we remain silent on an issue that is contrary to the very Scriptures that form the foundation of our faith: our right — and the right of Zizipho Pae — to express this sincere conviction of faith must therefore be accorded equal protection under law.”

Taryn Hodgson of Christian Action Network writes that the only positive action at Tuesday’s chaotic SRC meeting was when Christian supporters of Pae handed over a petition of 4 000 signatures supporting her Constitutional rights and pointing out that no UCT or SRC rules or laws of South Africa were broken by her Facebook post.

She writes: “Pae’s legal counsel is now waiting on her to decide how she will respond and will assist her if she decides to take the matter to court. She will be issuing a statement in the next few days.

“Should the case go to court, it will set an important legal precedent for the religious freedom of Christians in South Africa to teach from the Bible. We urge all Christians to stand firm on their right to freedom of speech and religion and not to be intimidated into silence by the outcome of this case.”



  1. We have to be extremely careful to ensure that freedom of conscience and expression is afforded equally to all citizens and not only to specific groups. Equally, the correct processes must be followed in dealing with conflict in these areas even where parties may be deemed to be more or less politically correct.

  2. I believe we have tolerated ourselves into a corner. The West was made prosperous on Christian law. How do we get away with now all of a sudden being respectful of gross sin?

    Then again I forget, that even our Churches have forgotten what it means to exercise discipline over us. We tolerate idolatry, fornication, adultery, divorce etc in our own midst, so why should we not tolerate this in our society?

    I say enough, let Christians begin to stand for truth, not just claim truth, but act on truth. Let us be like Jesus who went into the temple and whipped the hypocrites out of it.

  3. Thando Masango

    LOL… You people are hilarious! Why are you so concerned about what people do with their own bodies? Focus on preaching your truth to people who want to listen, stop shoving Christianity down everybody’s throat. Your beliefs are yours and we respect that, hence you will never hear or see a queer knocking on people’s doors or screaming in the streets to recruit people to be queer.

    All we want is the same constitutional rights that you have, what is so hard about that? If only Christians would stop being so hypocritical and selective in their scriptures none of this would happen.

    The very same Zizipho you are ‘protecting’ wears garments with mixed fabrics, has authority over men, and has had a boyfriend which according to the Bible are also sin.

    So how about you look at your own sins first before before you start telling other people they are sinners, just because they sin differently from you.

    I am a homosexual student who happened to vote for Zizipho, and her status on the 28th hurt me, but not more than the interview with Errol Naidoo where she implied that my existence is not okay “I understand homosexuals are born that way, but it does not mean it is okay” – Pae.

    Christians believe that God made everyone in ‘his’ own image. Why then does Zizipho feel she is hollier than thou and have the right deem God’s creation not okay? If God hate queers, why does ‘he’ does ‘he’ not cause a Tsunami at Gay Pride Parades and kill us all?

    Its 2015 for heaven sake, can you move with the times just as you did by shaving the sides or your heads, divorce and re-marry, wear garments with mixed fabrics and have women leaders etc.

    FYI homosexuality is not a choice, religion is. Have your facts straight before you drive many more people away from Christ with your hate and bigotry.

    #LoveWins #BigotryMustFall

    • Petunia Intersexed

      well said I am in agreement with you. People are so quick to judge, point fingers, misquote scripture to suit their own lifestyles. Sexual orientation is not a “choice”. The old wives tales and theologies we’ve come to believe over the years have misled us in a big way regarding “homosexuality” as we know it today. I still stand firm in my belief that the biggest problem lies with the misinterpretation of the word “homosexual” which does not even appear in early texts. The word homosexual did not even exist in the English dictionery until the late 1800’s. Let’s seek truth and not just follow the masses. There are fortunately many welcoming and loving affirming churches out there. God is at work among the LGBTI people all over the world.Christ died for ALL

    • Oh Yea? There’s a difference between raising your opinion and having a lifestyle that wants to force people (“Gay Pride Parades) to accept your lifestyle!! And then when they don’t you turn violent?? Come on who’s hypocritical now?

    • Dear Thando, University education includes equipping you as an individual to serve in society, not merely academic education, and I fear that society may not benefit from what you have stated here. Read Zizipho’s face book comments very carefully. It is a personal opinion which she, YOU and all of us are entitled to have. That is why there is a need to be tolerant and protect everybody’s right to ‘freedom of speech’. If not, there would be no debate. The issue is not the LGBT, the Bible, religion etc., it is simply the right for all to express ones opinion. I would point out to you that intolerance and the behaviour that has taken place on UTC’s campus will most likely result in the bringing of other intolerable, unbalanced people to do likewise, ugly persecution against others. May God bless you with the ability of simple logic and reveal truth to you. Peter Throp (Value Life) Truth = Love

    • Thando, you say Christians shouldn’t judge gays but you are judging them for judging you? That’s a double standard!

    • Thando I agree! All I would like to add: Jesus, during his life on earth, said NOTHING about being gay. And people make it out to be such a horrible sin. He did say a lot about being a hypocrite….makes you think

  4. Those who demand tolerance (remember back in the 1980s) are now demanding total capitulation on moral values and approval of their depravity. They are showing themselves to be intolerant and bigoted in what they say and do. True tolerance is agreeing to disagree. It does not mean intimidating and silencing those who have a different value system and viewpoint.

  5. Hmm the end is coming who are we to judge our God is the just judge each and everyone will be alone before the throne of God there will be no mob to support you only you and GOD. Our Lord Jesus was persecuted because of telling the truth even us as His followers will be persecuted we must hold fast and stand for truth.

  6. This is gross violation of this lady’s rights. It is time for Christians to stand up for their rights before it is too late.

  7. Lord Jesus specifically defined Marriage as heterosexual, rooted in Creation. (Matthew 19:4-6). Zizi agrees with Jesus. The USA courts disagree with Jesus. Both can’t be right. I choose to stand with Jesus and Zizi against same-sex “marriage” (which by Jesus’ Definition cannot be real Marriage.) It’s not even a question of ‘rights’. It’s a matter of Reality. No-one should be persecuted for saying the Moon is not the Sun, a Square is not Round, Black is not White, Marriage is not between people of the Same Sex. If people choose to hallucinate in an Unreal World of their own imagination, that’s their problem. Don’t make it Zizi’s problem, or mine.

  8. People have the right to their opinion. What i just don’t understand is if people that are homosexual are happy with themselves and feel it is not a sin, always look and demand others to accept it?? If you feel God accept and agree with your sexuality wouldn’t that be enough?? And as soon as i demand others acceptance and feel God’s blessing isn’t enough the isn’t there something wrong with my decision?? Just asking

  9. Billy’s comment is absolutely according the facts of the days we live in,”the last days”. May our GOD have mercy on us, who want to stand on whatever little bit of fighting spirit left whitin us, for the sake of GOD’s word, and to Thando,GOD created men to “HIS” image…But also set Sodom on fire,if you have a bible, read the story,it whas actually a fact, not a story,and had nothing to do with hate,GOD loves people, for that He has send HIS own Son,to pay the price for our sins,if we repend and at least ask forgiveness,not keep on defending our whicked ways..Amen LORD have mercy!!