Christian punk band release benefit single for family in need

hipposBy Old Timers band member, Don de Necker

The Old-Timers is an unashamedly Christian punk band from South Africa that’s purpose is to give glory to God. We attain to no laurels or acclaims but purely through our music to set an example of faith, to love without judgement the person, but to hate the sin, to see people get saved by Jesus name. We are missionaries at heart, evangelistic by faith, and friends to all through the love, grace and mercy God has given us.

We feel we are called as believers in Christ to live out the gospel not only in words but through faith in action (James 2:14 -26). ….but what profit will it be, for any to gain the whole world, and to lose their souls? Can this faith save him? All things should be accounted profitable or unprofitable to us, as they tend to forward or hinder the salvation of our souls. The gospel, without works, is not faith. There is no way to show we really believe in Christ, but by being diligent in good works, from gospel motives, and for gospel purposes. Living to God, as it is the consequence of faith, which justifies and will save, obliges us to do nothing against him, but everything for him and to him.

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As a band we have been given a unique opportunity through Thumper Punk Records in the United States of America to release our albums as part of our ministry. The Old-Timers formed in 2011 by Dave, Don and Matt. Dave Emmerson is the vocalist and lyricist of the band who is a missionary from England who moved to South Africa with his family in late 2009 as full time missionaries, working with the needy and underprivileged in prisons, on the streets, and in schools and who is now an Elder at Calvary Chapel in Paarl.

Whilst I Donovan de Necker who writes the music has the privilege of leading a Sunday School at New Covenant, The Storehouse in Port Elizabeth, as well as running a Christian music radio show called THE JCHC Slam and Dance Show and hosting another radio program entitled Stand and Deliver which delivers a short sermon by a guest with contemporary worship included.

Matt Laguis is the drummer of the band who lives in Washington DC in America. He is the supercharger of the band who keeps the mayhem in beat. We love him tons, and are truly honoured to have such a godly man like him on board with us.

We have released ‘For The Love of Hippos’ — a benefit single for a family who are in need. The history behind the song is that there is a band that we are good friends with called The Hippos of Doom, really fun loving guys whom we see as more than friends but as brothers. We were suppose to do a split with them, but things just did not work out as planned; this song was suppose to go on that split release, but due to circumstances beyond either of ours control we chose to use this song to raise funds for a family in need, and it doubles up as a fun educational song.

We love hippos and we LOVE the folk from The Hippos of Doom. Its a real tongue and cheek song of sorts with some educational bits. We decided to do this as a benefit single when we heard of a family close to our hearts was in financial crisis. Through prayerful consideration we felt led to try and give support in some way, and this is how we have felt led to contribute towards that family. We’ve chosen to respect their privacy, but just because they remain nameless doesn’t mean they are faceless. We ask that you please pray for them as well. The download is only $1 and every single cent will go to the cause; we’re not keeping any of it! ALL SALES from our bandcamp page for the next two months will also go directly to the family we’re trying to support. So our motto is Buy buy buy!! Our forthcoming new release will follow a similar format that in which all profit that is made from it will go to the family concerned.

We have a couple of links where you can support this project if you choose. We ask for prayerful consideration to go with your contribution.

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