Christians hold key to SA’s destiny — Meshoe

ACDP president Rev Kenneth Meshoe.

2019 will be a turning point towards having a godly government in South Africa — if Christians step up to do God’s work, says Rev Kenneth Meshoe, leader of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP).

“People were saying in 1994 the ACDP does not have experience in governance. But we have proved that we keep to our Christian ethos. Since we went to parliament there has never been a scandal attached to the ACDP and the leadership has proved itself to be people of integrity,” he says.

Meshoe says that while many Christians had over the years held a position that they should not be involved in politics, things are changing.

“The EFF and the BLF are threatening war — Christians are realising even the land of their churches can be confiscated. Now Christians who were not involved in politics in the past are realising they need to speak up and stand up.”

Meshoe holds to the school of thought that for evil to triumph it takes good men and women to do nothing.

“South Africa is where it is today because good men and women have done nothing for the future of this country apart from praying and have allowed the ungodly to make decisions on their behalf,” he says.

He draws from Psalm 89:14 in saying that righteousness and justice are the foundations of God’s truth. “You can’t have righteousness becoming the foundation of a government without righteous people, and they are in churches.”

Referencing Proverbs 29:2 he points out that when the righteous are in authority people rejoice, while when the wicked rule the people mourn.

“This country has a calling from God to be a model among nations of the world and this can happen if righteous people sitting in the churches can start making themselves available to be used by God to be governors.”

Pointing out that the Old Testament should be our shadow and our model, Meshoe looks at Isaiah 32: 17 in pointing out that the fruit of righteousness is peace. “Christians must rise up and remember that they hold the destiny of this country in their hands. God works through His people, his Body.”

However, Meshoe points out that the Church will have to stand united to do God’s work. “If there is division among Christians, that will play out in the political arena and Christians are among the most divided people in the world, which is very sad,” he notes.

He said Christians need to remember that God has a way of pushing people towards His plans and purposes. The first disciples only truly spread the Gospel when they were being persecuted and forced to flee, despite the Great Commission from Jesus to go out and make disciples.

“Suffering will come to South Africa and Christians if they allow this to continue,” he says, referring to the ungodly being in power in the land.

“Even though we may belong to different denominations and faith groups, when it comes to peace in the land, I hope Christians will stand together. If we disagree on doctrine, let us agree that we need peace, for which we need men and women to submit to the Lordship of Christ.”


  1. I agree with Pastor Meshoe. Father God expects Christians to vote for parties who hold to Christian values.
    The ANC governing party has demonstrated by its actions and laws that it is anti God and anti family.

    • Unfortunately the Christians in South Africa are greatly outnumbered and it will require a great miracle to over throw the heathen ANC government and their supporters!

  2. Its time to turn back to God in word and deeds!! If God is for us who can be against us? His children?? LISTEN to Him!! Maranata!!

  3. You got my vote.

  4. ACDP has my vote

  5. xikombiso ngobeni

    Am convinced ACDP has my vote

  6. Suzete Pereira

    I agree. Just a bit concerned that elections are approaching rapidly and the ACDP’s voice is not being heard! The country needs to know what they stand for….

  7. The only party that lines up with my values & beliefs.

  8. I can’t wait to vote for ACDP

  9. Gregory Patrick

    On the political stage in SA, the parties pushing partisanship and exclusivity fail the Law-of-Life test namely, to love your neighbour as you love yourself. South Africans will do well to give such entities a wide birth. Why? The RSA is destined to thrive!

  10. I agree you have my vote

  11. Denomination difference!! That is my greatest fear. A kingdom divided amongst itself will not stand. The other problem is that Christians will not vote ACDP as their “doctrine” does suit them. Unfortunately there is no “Donald Trump”, he was “neutral” and had the wisdom to unit Christians nationwide who support him!!

  12. You’re right. Only God can get us out of our own mess

  13. Its ok to wote for You.. but i have one big problem you dont stand up against “ABORTIONS”..
    And thats murder..

  14. Please ABBA! We trust YOU for breakthrough and Your Light to shine!

  15. ACDP yes , l send my vote

  16. SA needs a Christian leader . A god fearing president

  17. Mrs Jill Stoll

    The ACDP has fought many battles in parliament, abortion being one of them. Sadly what Christians do not realise is that to win a battle you must have an army. The ACDP needs more votes to have more MP’s to give it more power to bring about the changes we would love to see in SA. Come on Christians lets become the army of God in our nation!

  18. Glenda Suddards

    ALL Christians need to stand together!! Come, let’s all support the ACDP. Imagine the army we would have if we all stood together!

  19. Peter phillips

    You have my vote ACDP when trouble arise we need a President that must be able to go down on his knee’s and pray not running to the sanggoma

  20. I fully support you Pastor,but I feel it’s time we became radical in a godly way ,


  22. Melinda Cannon

    ACDP certainly does oppose abortion as well as a whole lot of other issues, like same sex marriage, the right of parents to have a say in their children’s education and a whole lot more….. Please educate yourself about what ACDP stand for so that you can vote with a clear conscience..

  23. It would be great if the ACDP can speak out louder against corruption. They surely knew (or should have known) about the looting of taxes at state owned enterprises, many other government departments. We should speak out against abortion, but not neglect to the same against poverty and inequality.

  24. President Kenneth Meshoe is right, all Christian churches should start working together to right the situation and from thereon can work out their differences about scripture, but right now, the time is right to get an honest Godfearing and caring Government , so the homeless can be housed, the jobless employed , the poor and naked,clothed, and hungry fed,the sick attended to, the hospitals updated to care for the elderly and sick , the uneducated , schooled with schools for the advancement of all peoples. THAT IS WHAT JESUS THE CHRIST SAID IN MATTHEW 25:31-41 We should ALL PRAY TO GOD SO OUR PRAYERS CAN COME UP BEFORE GOD ALMIGHTY WHO LIVES FOREVER, AMEN! AND THEN SEE HIS POWER!I remember the days when many church leaders marched against apartheid and it is gone, WE CAN DO THE SAME TODAY JESUS LIVES BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We live in a modern society and need to get people OUT OF THOSE SHACKS WHICH ARE NOT ONLY UNHEALTHY BUT ALSO DANGEROUS FOR GROWING CHILDREN!THEY NEED LATRINES NOT POTTIES, HOMES NOT HOVELS WE ARE HUMANS NOT ANIMALS

  25. You also have my vote. The righteous must unite and stand together. Amen.

  26. Dr.John F Jansen

    What happened to my comment?

  27. Sorry I Missed it, READ the policies of whom you vote for like Brother Kenneth says, so you cannot blame them when they get into power to govern your lives!

  28. As a UK national, I have no vote but I pray that the ACDP continues to be an ever increasing light and bringers of hope and Godly governance in the political darkness that currently envelops SA. We all need to remember Eph 6 ; For our stuggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities,against powers of this dark world and against the forces of evil in the heavenly realms.May God give all Christians in SA wisdom, courage and strength to do what is right Amen.

  29. It’s time. Answer to the call, choose to make a difference