Christians need to understand Islam and reach out to Muslims

Book Review by Andre Viljoen

Very few Christians understand Islam or know how to respond to it, Peter Hammond says in the new, revised and expanded third edition of  his book “Slavery, Terrorism and Islam — The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat”

I believe that is a fair comment and highly recommend that Christians read this book which provides surprising facts about the origin and history of this religion which has been involved in slavery, conquest and brutality for 14 centuries and which is involved in most of the terrorism and military conflict in the world today.

The book provides insight into the considerable moral and spiritual shortcomings of the founder of Islam, Muhammad. It also points out historical errors in the Quran as well as vital areas in which the Quran contradicts the Bible. Hammond, who has many years of practical experience as a missionary in Islam-controlled areas of Africa, argues convincingly that the agenda of Islam, written into the Quran itself, is to spread and subject nations to the harsh tyranny of Islamic (Shariah) law.

He warns that Europe through its rejection of Christianity and  slide into secular humanism, is at risk of being taken over by Islam which takes full advantage of the religious freedom in the west where it is allowed to build mosques and promote its ideology. He criticises the intellectual dishonesty of  politicians and journalists who uphold the myth of Islamic religious tolerance and ignore the massive persecution of Christians in Muslim countries today and the Quaran-sanctioned death sentence that faces Muslims who leave that faith.

But Hammond contends that despite the very real threat that Islam poses to the world it’s days are numbered. He says that in this modern, technological age, the Quran will not be able to survive intense scrutiny and critical investigation. He says that because the foundations of Islam are rotten to the core it cannot stand.

He points out that the Muslims are the largest unreached people in the world today.   Therefore it is vital that Christians make an effort to understand Muslims and reach out to them with the grace and truth of Christ. He warns that the church needs to guard against the opposing extremes of denying the problem and panicking and saying there is no hope. Hammond offers “field tested” guidelines for presenting the gospel to Muslims respectfully but firmly.

This book with 290 pages and 200 pictures can be ordered from Christian Liberty Publishers.

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