Call to sign petition against ICC’s biased ‘war crimes’ probe against Israel

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In the letter below to supporters International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) president Dr Juergen Beuhler calls for action in response to an outrageous bid in the International Criminal Court to equate Israel’s defence of its homeland with Nazi crimes against Jewish people in the Holocaust

Dear friends,

Scholars call it ‘Holocaust inversion’ – accusing Israelis of being just as bad as the Nazis!

This is outrageous, of course! Yet it is now being practiced on a grand scale by the world’s highest criminal court. So how did this happen?

The Nuremberg trials of senior Nazi officials for war crimes against Jews and other victims was perhaps the most gripping trial in human history. It led to a global movement for establishing a permanent international tribunal to ensure that those who commit heinous war crimes which “shock the conscience of humanity” will be held responsible for their actions. It took fifty years, but the International Criminal Court in The Hague was eventually founded to carry out that task.

Yet now, the ICC is exercising its mandate in a truly perverse manner, by launching a war crimes probe against Israel which would equate Israel’s legitimate efforts to defend itself with the worst Nazi crimes against the Jewish people in the Holocaust. This is a shameful decision, and we must stand up against it!

Thus, the International Christian Embassy is launching a global petition addressed to the ICC judges and state members urging them to abandon this appalling perversion of justice.

The ICC probe against Israel was prompted by a biased, overzealous chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, who spent the past six years privately consulting with Palestinian Authority officials to build a fraudulent case against Israel. This means the PA can now exploit the Court to further its long-standing agenda of depriving Israel of its right of self-defence, while also criminalising the legitimate rights of Jews to live in peace and security in their ancient homeland.

This devious probe against Israel must be stopped! It must be opposed by everyone concerned with fairness and justice in world affairs. Christians, in particular, have an historic and moral duty to stand against such discriminatory actions against Israel.


Please join your voice to our effort to turn back this corruption of justice.

Blessings from Jerusalem!

Dr Juergen Buehler
ICEJ President


  1. Let them bring the evidence that will exonerate Israel. God is the God of total Justice.

  2. I want to sign the petition but the page is not responding. What should I do,?