Churches partnering in campaign for 24/7 revival prayer throughout 2013

7daysonwallDuring the first 12 weeks of the year, more than 120 groups participated in the ambitious ‘7 days on the wall’ campaign for non-stop prayer for revival throughout 2013.

Some of the groups comprised up to 22 local churches working together in seeking spiritual breakthrough in their communities, says Daniel Brink, National Coordinator of the Initiative.

The organisers of the campaign which runs from January to December would like all 900+ cities and towns in the nation to each take a week of 24/7 prayer for revival, salvation of the unsaved and social justice.

“As reports are coming in, it becomes clear that there is a remnant of the nation that has a growing desire for a renewed spiritual awakening across the country,” says Brink in a March monthly report.

Commenting on different partnership strategies adopted in different areas, he said: “Building 24/7 prayer chains is most common, whether people pray at home or in specific prayer rooms. Some towns divided the town and allocated a number of streets to be prayer-walked by each congregation.  Others organised prayer meetings every night and had special events for the youth/children.”

In his report he published the following testimony from the Karoo town of Dordrecht: “About 500 people from 22 different churches took part in this week of prayer for revival. From children, youth, young adults, adults and the elderly took part in this initiative.  It all started on March 10th with a March-4-Christ, when we walked through the whole town/township and prayed at specific venues. The week ended with a corporate gathering for communion where every church committed to pray for the town and SA as throughout the week.

“Everyone was so encouraged that we are returning to one area in October where we have not been, because of time. The message from the Lord was clear, that we as SA need to turn back to God, according to Joel 2.”

Churches/groups can register for “7Days on the Wall 2013”, and find more resources, prayer information and practical guidelines on how to organise your week of prayer, by visiting More information is also available from Lizette at the Jericho Walls Office, tel.021-919 7988 or e-mail

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