Church’s apathy precipitates moral decline!

Defending family, faith and freedom

South Africa’s downward moral spiral appears to be gaining momentum. Disturbing media reports reveal the nation’s indifference to morality and values is having a devastating impact on society.

Apparently, primary schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal are now handing out condoms to children.

Another report states that children as young as 12 are using the states free, no-questions-asked abortion services as a form of contraception. A baby is aborted every 10 minutes in the Eastern Cape.

Children as young as 8 are downloading hardcore pornographic images to their cell phones – provided by media agencies like E-tv which broadcasts porn SMS services indiscriminately.

An appalling website is launched in SA that helps married couples cheat on each other. Despite the devastating impact of adultery on society  4 100 South Africans immediately signed up.

The Cultural Religion & Linguistic Commission received four complaints that Christian religious holidays – that hurt no one – “discriminate against other religious holidays.” This warranted a nationwide “consultation” to investigate the claims of the “numerous complainants.”

Secular humanists constitute less than 10 percent of SA society – yet there are seven humanist public holidays in SA. Christians make up 78 percent and only have two (Easter and Christmas) holidays.

Thousands of concerned parents have lodged complaints with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority about hardcore pornographic movies and adverts on national TV. Yet no consultation was launched to investigate these complaints.

Both the BCCSA and the ASA appear to defend the media’s immoral and outrageous behaviour.

And while the nation is in the grip of a moral crisis, government is commended by the UN Human Rights Commission for its tireless efforts to protect the “rights” of the LGBT community in SA.

In fact, government has established a special task-team to eradicate the rape of lesbians – of which there are less than twenty reported cases. As horrendous as this crime is, it pales in comparison to the 55 000 women and 25 000 children raped and sexually abused annually in SA.

Yet there are no government task teams working to eradicate the rape and sexual abuse of heterosexual women nor is there a task team working to eradicate the sexual abuse of children.
And despite this, the UNHRC instructs government “to do more to protect homosexuals”.
Apparently, the SA Government views homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender persons as a special class of citizen worthy of special attention and protection. The SA government also hosts special sessions at the UN to promote the “rights” of the LGBT community.Ironically, this pro-homosexual bias is advanced under the guise of “equality” and “tolerance.”

Most of this is happening because the Church of Jesus Christ voluntarily chooses to withold its influence from a decaying society. Evil prospers when good people say nothing and do nothing!

There are numerous opportunities for the Body of Christ to actively get involved to rescue this nation from its downward spiral. The problem will not go away just because you ignore it.

Please pray for the nation. But also ask God how you can be part of the solution. If you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone – God will use you in ways you cannot imagine.

The nation needs your involvement. Please join me by taking a stand for Biblical values in SA!

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