Could this wave of believers on the streets be start of prophesied latter-day revival?

Eerste Rivier, Cape Town on May 17

In recent weeks South African social media has lit up with images of communities taking to the streets during the morning lockdown exercise window — not to jog or cycle but to pray and worship Jesus in the streets while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

“We are seeing more and more reports [of street worship and prayer during exercise time] from Cape Town and the Boland (areas like Mitchellsplein, Eersterivier, Athlone, Ladismith, Atlantis, Steenberg, George etc.),” said Rozanne Visagie who has played a key role in open-air prayer and worship initiatives in the Cape Town area in recent years.

“The Bride of Christ is finally lifting her head and spontaneously arising during this time of lockdown in RSA. Is this the start of the latter-day revival?” she asks.

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“Many prophecies have gone out over the last century regarding an endtime/ latter-day revival, spreading from Cape Town and gaining momentum throughout the country, into Africa and further north to Israel and the world.

“We are currently seeing a cry going out to Jesus Christ in many nations, as they struggle with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. In nations like Brazil, Italy, the Phillipines, Nicaragua, India and others, people have been praying on the streets, in prisons and hospitals in large numbers,” said Visagie.

“I have personally been actively involved in praise and worship and prayer gatherings, especially on the west coast of Cape Town, since 2017, when there was a 40-Days of Global Worship initiative with over 200 gatherings on mountains and beaches all over the Cape Peninsula.

“Since then many interdenominational prayer marches and gatherings have been organised (also during 2018, 2019 and the beginning of 2020) in and around Cape Town. The prayer gatherings were held especially on beaches and open areas. We prayed at parliament in 2018 on a couple of occasions.

“We have also been encouraging the Bride to be salt and light, to arise and put feet to her faith, as she becomes more bold and visible amongst those in need of hope through the various social media platforms. We are now seeing a new move, as church groups and believers are spontaneously embracing this call and we are excited to see the prayers of the last three years starting to bear fruit.

“My prayer is — and the prayers of many prayer warriors are — that this move will truly be a united one, empowered by the Spirit of our Lord God Almighty and that Pentecost 2020 will go down in history as the start of the latter-day rain (“Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.” — Hosea 6:3 , King James Version

“We truly trust and pray for this to be the start of a fresh outpouring of the precious Holy Spirit. Let us all continue to pray for revival and endeavour to fan the flame and spread the message of salvation and the healing love of Christ, far and wide to a desperate world. It is a great privilege to live in such prophetic times! ” she said.

Visagie’s perspective is echoed by Dr Des Rose, author of Write The Vision a book that examines three independent visions given to believers on different continents about revival fire spreading from Cape Town, through Africa and to the world.

Commenting on the spreading phenomenon of communities praying and worshiping on the streets during exercise time, Rose said: “The Lord of the Harvest is coming and it’s going to be a tsunami of the Spirit. This is a visitation of God. And He is coming to harvest.”

The SA-born author and minister who has lived in the US for most of the past three decades said: “For the past eight years I have been traversing this country everywhere, going to pastors — handing out the book — telling them about what is to come and it is huge. The catalyst will be in Cape Town — and it will spread worldwide.”

Drawing parallels with notable moves of God that began in humble circumstances, he mentioned that the South African revival that started in Wellington in 1860 started with a 15-year-old girl and the Azusa Street revival of 1906 which birthed denominations around the world — including the AFM in SA — began with a one-eyed African American.

He noted that the people currently on the streets who seemed “most open to the move of the Spirit and hungry for the Lord” were mainly from poor, coloured communities.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lord uses this group as forerunners for what He is doing,” he said.

Dr Desmond Rose

“This is God’s time for Africa and God’s going to lift Africa by His Spirit and people will go out from Africa and evangelise the world. There is a harvest coming and it is going to be huge,” he said.

Reporting on the start of the street prayer phenomenon that began in Mitchell’s Plain early this month, SABC News quoted Apostle Frederico Hendricks as saying: “We are coming here to pray because you know the Bible says when somebody is sick, he must call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, and when they pray over him God will heal him.”

Participants are hoping to continue for as long as church doors remain shut and have urged all communities to follow suit, SABC News reported.


  1. Amen All the Glory to God

  2. Elizabeth Joubert

    Praise the Lord we are totally blessed…have been next to these folks on this jouney. Dan and Liz Joubert.

  3. Wow wow wow.. this is so amazing, this is what we’ve been praying for and working towards for so many years! Thank you Messiah Jesus!!!

  4. I am honoured to be in the presence of pray warriors Thank you Lord for healing our Lord drawing South Africa + world closer to YOU ONLY GOD

  5. Mkangeli Matomela

    After waiting for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in upperoom, when the apostles were filled by the Holy Spirit, they went out to witness in the streets and thousands were inspired by the Holy Spirit and became born again. We come out of the 4walls and GO to streets of villages, farms, townships, suburbs, towns and cities as the new Church coming out coronavirus pandemic into the kingdom of God.

  6. Brian and Anne Nelson

    Your timing dear Messiah Jesus is always perfect! It is Pentecost! Shavuot! next week; come Blessed Holy Spirit

  7. Christine Muller


  8. Makhosazana Cele

    Oh! What a Mighty God we serve! His ways are higher than ours, do are His plans. He makes a way out of no way, He even turns good what is meant for bad. We glorify Him!

  9. Apos.Dr.Fredrico Hendricks

    Greetings beloved lets Get 1 Million Churches and 1 Billion Saints who are called by God’s Name, humbly, praying and seeking His Face, and turning from our wicked ways, He Promises Forgiveness and Restoration. From PaveMent Praise Worship Prayer A *Perfecting Holiness* Is Here. Apos.Dr.FDH

  10. 1 Corinthians 12:13
    “ For indeed by ONE SPIRIT we are all immersed into one body, whether Jew or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we are all made to drink into one Spirit”
    HINENI “Here I am”

  11. Susan Matthews

    Amen. We are ONE BODY in Yeshua Messiah. We are called to glorify God’s Almighty Name amongst ALl Nations. Shabbat Shalom mispacha

  12. GOD is mercy full and rewords all who worship HIM. What an amazing GOD we serve. Love and peace be with you all. Let us rejoice in the LORD

  13. Neville Woudberg

    It’s wonderful to see. Just a comment: Is there not a risk of arrest as the police interpret the law as you have to keep moving during the exercise period. That was the basis for the arrests of the protesting surfers

    • As a committed follower of Christ who understands and lives in grace, this was my concern. This type of “gathering” during “exercise time” allocated by Government would not be allowed here where i live in Southern suburbs. I saw a guy being warned to ‘keep moving and exercising’ when he stopped to observe another being arrested for standing with a paddle down at the beach.

      My point is could this (and is it) a provocation and statement that because we follow Christ, we dont have to obey conditions of the ‘exercise period’?
      Just asking.

  14. May the church leaders hear from the Lord: and unite, intercede and send a delegation to Parliament to end this lockdown.

  15. Modiri JoJo Lucas

    Prayer has the power to pull everything together, be amongst praying people. As nations we must continue to love and pray for our neighbors including the world at large.

  16. This is so amazing and exhilarating! How can we arrange such a thing in Stellenberg?

  17. Yes, it is a great opportunity to walk and pray claiming territory for the King of Kings in our communities. This morning I went to stand against the 4 bottle stores in our street, there are 4 within half a kilometer of each other and declared it bankrupt never to be opened again and instead those properties becomes places of learning and instruction to our youth and the unemployed.
    R street

  18. Neville asks a valid question. And do they not ‘risk’ of damaging the reputation of Jesus? Are these praying people ‘exercising’ during ‘the exercise window’? And are they “praying on street corners to be seen by men”, disobeying the instruction of Jesus (Matthew 6:5,6)? Let us all have Spiritual wisdom as we heed Rozanne Visagie’s plea: “Let us all continue to pray for revival and endeavour to fan the flame and spread the message of salvation and the healing love of Christ, far and wide to a desperate world”.

  19. Margaret Ferguson

    With regard to the comments concerned as to whether the people praying on the streets of greater cape Town and beyond were liable for arrest, in my opinion they were part of fulfilling a biblical mandate. I supported the call for the opening of the churches as whilst much has been achieved spiritually during lockdown,the FULL biblical mandate was prevented. As a Christian friend said to me, “In theory if you are walking to the shops and stop to pray for someone or evangelise you are disobeying regulations. People have been arrested for less”. But that is part of our biblical mandate. God’s word is not to be held ‘ in suspension’ because of lockdown.
    A surfer was arrested and yet not one Christian out of 100’s of Christians over a wide area was arrested. The bible is clear that we must obey God rather than man. Whilst the Scripture ‘submit yourself to he authorities’ is important, if the ‘authority’ requires of the church that it should curtail its full biblical function in any way, then we need to obey God . And trust God to supernaturally intervene if necessary. It seems as if He stayed the hand of the authorities. Our God is greater.