Court’s same-sex ruling “a big moment for us”, says Dutch Reformed Church

Ds Nelis Janse van Rensburg, right, and Dr Gustav Claassen at the Dutch Reformed Church General Synod meeing in Kempton Park this week (PHOTO: Kerkbode).

Translated from a report in e-kerkbode

Judgment is expected tomorrow (Friday March 8) at the High Court in Pretoria in a court case over a Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) Synod decision on homosexual relationships.


High Court scraps Dutch Reformed Church decision against same-sex marriages

Rev Nelis Janse van Rensburg, Moderator of the DRC, gave an opportunity for prayer at a meeting of the General Synod yesterday and asked that church leaders there should pray that God would give them “soberness, grace and mercy”. That if the verdict is in the favour of the church we will act with grace and mercy. And if it is not in our favour, we will still deal with each other with grace and mercy. ”

“Read the (court) judgment itself — take the document and read it thoroughly,” Janse van Rensburg said on the eve of the court ruling in a case which has the potential to “disrupt” the church.

The court case arose after 11 DRC members challenged and asked for the setting aside of a decision by the General Synod regarding same-sex relationships.

“This matter is more complex than it looks,” said Janse van Rensburg, chairman of the General Synod.

“You have to hold back before passing judgment on a judgment. You can make yourself very ridiculous very quickly, ” he told the more than 40 delegates at the General Synod currently meeting in Kempton Park.

“I think it’s a pretty big moment for us. It’s an issue that has brought tremendous strain to us over the past few years. The verdict has the potential to disrupt us. There is no doubt about it, ”says Janse van Rensburg.

Dr Gustav Claassen, general secretary, will represent the church at the Pretoria High Court tomorrow.

On August 22, 2018, an urgent court application was brought before the High Court in Pretoria to have the Dutch Reformed Church’s latest resolution on same-sex relationships declared invalid. The application against the church was initially brought by Laurie Gaum, Judith Kotzé, Michelle Boonzaaier, Dr Frits Gaum, Rev Pieter Oberholzer, prop Hennie Pienaar, Lulani Vermeulen, Adv Leon Wessels, Dr Murray Coetzee, Prof Hendrik Bosman, Dr Chris Jones and Dr Nadia Marais. For “logistic reasons” it is being made by four of them: Laurie and Frits Gaum, Judith Kotzé and Michelle Boonzaaier. At issue is the church’s rescinding of a 2015 decision that openly gay ministers can serve in the church and officiate at same-sex civil unions. In 2016, the 2015 synod decision was reversed at an Extraordinary General Synod.


  1. High Court scraps Dutch Reformed Church decision against same-sex marriages

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  2. what bible are they reading ?

    • What is concerning is does this set the precedent for other churches to accept this ruling?

  3. Why are Christians so quiet about this for so long? Why is the CHURCH not heard – not only the DRC? This cannot pass Constitutional muster as it is in direct conflict with the very spoken Word of God. We have wronged so many over many many years by not allowing anyone that looks or smells different into the Church. That’s not Jesus’ heart or example! BUT, He did not condone such behavior either and would tell them, “Go and sin no more.” Forget for a moment the Christian Church. Would Islam/Moslem mosques allow such marriages to be performed? Would a homosexual person be inducted/allowed/ordained as an Imam or other form of leader or authority?
    We know the Church of Christ is being persecuted and it will be. How on earth can we just sit back and conform to the world? Let the world do as the world does, BUT, the Body of Christ can never follow suit. The Body of Christ needs to embrace the person – whether homosexual, alcoholic, drug addict, porn addict, adulterer (yes, it’s done in secret, MOSTLY!), etc. They ought not be locked out. How wil they ever meet the Redeemer, get spiritual healing, be completely set free if we lock them out or don’t reach out? When healing is mentioned the tempers flair. This is simply because of worldly and rational thinking in the physical. The real issue is that Jesus heals COMPLETELY – as a whole. None of these issues I mentioned are physical illnesses, but known or unknown in the spirit there is hurt or there are scars. That is where the blood of Jesus touches and heals – provided you want Him to. He does not force Himself upon anyone. I can share His gospel with you and tell you about God’s way and will. To follow is YOUR choice. Just know that your choice will have eternal consequences. And if you don’t believe that, it is also a choice. Courts and governments are institutions of God but unfortunately, as with the church in many instances, these are run without consulting God, without seeking His will. Worse even, people who claim to be of God are taking His Body to court and celebrating a principle so in conflict with God’s Word that it leaves me saddened to realise that the Body is attacked more from within than without. The leaders were and many times still are on the fence when God’s Word is clear and without a need for any other interpretation. It’s not meant to be a philosophical text book, it is the Instruction Manual for life here and into eternity.
    Set up a faith and a church where people who don’t believe God’s Word can marry or do what the world wants – I pray you don’t but come to full salvation in Christ. If you don’t believe a part of God’s Word, tear out the pages and throw them away. What you have left is NOT the Word of God but YOUR way with His Word, the way YOU want to prescribe to God Almighty how HIS WORD should read. Either accept it as is or leave it completely. The whole Word is for instruction and correction – to ensure a peaceful, godly life…if only the world could see and realise it. I am not condemning, please, I speak about the Word of God! If you are convicted by it or feel condemned, please do go before God in Jesus’ name. Then, it is His Word and the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart and soul.

  4. Merwe van Rooyen

    How tragic that the State is deemed now superior to the Word of God – disastrous

  5. … in the END TIMES, people will go after their own desires and lust,becoming like the world is getting more and more O.K. This world does not want to know the word of God Almighty any longer..Tragic indeed..Jesus is merciful, if people let Him be..