Danna Gresh — The 20 hardest questions every mom faces: Book review

Book review by Debbie Hemmens

I love reading by underlining, circling, using highlighters and making short notes to refer back to, so when a book becomes very marked and colourful, then I know it was good, informative and with much to refer back to. This has to be one of my favourite authors for advice on parenting, mentorship and tween ministry.

Gresh uses help points from the story of Hannah as a framework for each chapter. Hannah poured out her insecurities and complaints of her soul to God, she gave her child over to God, she spoke with Eli and then she waited. This translates into us doing the same with regards to each one of the 20 questions she touches on in this book. Pour out your soul to God, continually hand over your children to God, speak to a trusted friend and then wait on God.

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Parenting requires much vulnerability, courage and waiting. We can walk this journey confidently if we rely on God, His Word and realising that we need each other to see all there is to see. Become life-long learners and enjoy the ride. Satan will try and take you out by making you doubt your decisions. We need to keep reminding ourselves not who we are, but whose we are.

This book is filled with wisdom and hope. Dannah encourages moms to read this with a friend as a prayer partner. There are many soul -wrenching questions that need some discussion and a lot of prayer. This is always done best with a good friend and a cup of coffee. I would even encourage parents to read this one together.
Waiting might be difficult, but this verse always gives us a reason why – They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. – Isaiah 40:31

Gresh has included a great chart at the back of the book where you can record the date and your prayer requests to God and then record how He answers.

There are some startling truths in this book and some big decisions to make while nurturing the next generation. Our words have power, so let’s speak life. We can change atmospheres with kindness and love. Keep answering your children when they ask that question ‘why’ because it is a vital part of their moral development.
Get ready for the read of your life with life-giving Scripture to lead the way.

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